Trump Threatened his High School With Lawsuit if they Released His Grades

Years ago, Trump offered former President Obama $5 million for his college records and passport application. Ironic, because Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen just told Congress this morning how Trump had him write letters to Trump’s high school and college, threatening them with lawsuits if they released his grades or SAT scores.


Michael Cohen actually presented evidence, in a letter that he wrote, signed and sent to Trump’s schools.

As much of a Trump critic as I have been, I have, much to the objection of my readers, always defended Trump’s intelligence. I would write, say what you want about him, but he’s not a dope. Greedy manipulators can’t be stupid, right? They are cold and calculated.

How wrong I was! I stand corrected.

How bad do your grades and SAT scores have to be, to go to the extremes of threatening your middle school if they are released??!! Seriously. What would your thought process be on that? Let’s say you were running for president, and you had straight Bs in high school, would you go to the lengths that Trump and his lawyer went to, to keep those grades hidden?

Probably not.

Trump’s grades and SAT scores must have been abysmally terrible, because by threatening his schools, Trump was opening himself up for more risk.

Not only has Trump fought to keep his grades secret, but his tax returns as well.

Trump pulled off the greatest scam in US history. He convinced a third of America (uneducated), to vote a two-bit, not very bright, scam artist as president.