Trumpkins Will Never Admit that they Were Wrong — Such a Retraction Requires a Morsel of Intelligence

Sometime this year, most likely very shortly, Mueller’s investigation will be concluded, and we will find out if Trump was colluding with the Russians or not. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Think of the ramifications of such charges! Russia possibly stole our election and implanted a (Manchurian) candidate into the White House. NEVER in the history of our country, has a more serious and disgusting crime been committed.

Sadly, a third of the country will blow it off, like a minor traffic violation. Imagine that! An investigation (conducted by a life long republican, Robert Mueller), concludes our republican president colluded with the Russians. Despite these treacherous acts, a third of the country will still defend him!!

Oh yeah, this third of the country is also the least educated and poorest in the country.

Ironically, these same republicans, who so passionately defend a president accused of treason, wanted Obama impeached for allowing people to go to the bathroom based on their gender identity. These same disgusting republicans also wanted to impeach Obama when he released five Guantanamo detainees in exchange for (American) prisoner Bowe Bergdhal.

The levels of hypocrisy are comical. Imagine if it was revealed that Russia placed Obama in the White House, or even worse, Hillary!!! Certainly, if that was the case, these republicans would be outside Hillary’s home, armed with burning crosses and demanding a hanging. After all, treason is one of the only crimes punishable by death. In fact, the only crime defined in our constitution is treason. Our founding fathers, considered treason the most detestable of all crimes.

What would John Adams say about a foreign government implanting fake stories into our media in an attempt to get their candidate in the White House?

Still, a third of the country thinks Trump walks on water. He takes away their healthcare and their welfare benefits, and they still cheer his name on the street corner. If Mueller provides undeniable proof that Trump committed treason, do you think his supporters would turn against him? Doubt it.

Put on Fox, and they’ll still be talking about Hillary’s email server and Benghazi. Although republicans launched seven different Benghazi investigations and all of them concluded Hillary was innocent, republicans still keep wedging this story down our throats.

“There have been seven investigations led mostly by Republicans in the Congress,” Clinton said. “And they were nonpartisan, and they reached conclusions that, first of all, I and nobody did anything wrong, but there were changes we could make. This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans.”

Republicans have launched many investigations into Hillary, but as of yet, no charges. Several members of Trump’s team however, have been indicted on numerous charges.

Think of Trump and Hillary standing on stage. Any moron that saw Hillary as the criminal, allowed our country to be attacked by Russia. Any one that was tricked by Trump and didn’t vote for Hillary should be in the cell right next to him.

It seems every day, Trump does something more damaging to our country. Whether it be taking us out of the Paris Accord or the Russian nuclear arms treaty, locking little Hispanic babies in cages like sardines, defending Putin at the Helsinki summit or pulling us out of Syria, Trump has destroyed the American progress of the past few decades.

Yet, 30–35% of Americans stand behind him.

Who knows where their allegiance really lies. I mean, do they support Trump or do they hate mainstream media, that happens to cover Trump in a negative light? Maybe this third of America doesn’t necessarily approve of Trump as much as they approve of the media’s disapproval of Trump.

Did that make sense?

Trump is really in a win-win situation. The more stupid shit he does, the more articles and reports will cover Trump unfavorably. Fox News and Breitbart have brainwashed his uneducated supporters to believe all these other news sources are lies. Hence, when NBC or CNN runs a story about another moronic Trump mistake, his supporters will only respect him more. Despite the fact that the story is unbiased and simply reporting what Trump does or say, his supporters insist they are all lies.

Wouldn’t that be swell? If any bad gossip about you was automatically considered a lie?

This win-win situation can also be perceived in his foreign diplomacy. When he wrecks our diplomacy with every other country, he defends it with two words “America first”. As he tears up peace treaties that took decades to write, his supporters defend him. Any other president would most likely be impeached for destroying our global standing as much as Trump has.

Essentially, the more stupid and damaging the deed Trump does to our country, the more his supporters rally behind him.

Do you think his minions would turn against him if Mueller concludes that Trump committed treason? Doubtful. If they supported him when he settled with countless high school students that he stole college tuition from, or the the other class action in which he sexually molested countless women, do you think some little treason charge will change their mind?

During Trump’s administration, his supporters have managed to ignore Trump’s disastrous legislation, by pointing to the stock market. Yes, it was good. No thanks to Trump though. Please instantly silence any Trumpkin that argues the good economy was thanks to Trump. The only proof you need is the economy. If the good economy is thanks to Trump, and started the day he was elected, it wouldn’t and couldn’t begin to sink only two years later. Economic phases last much longer. More likely, Obama left Trump a great economy, and Trump destroyed it. I guess his supporters were wrong, Trump isn’t good with the economy.

Another sad explanation for why republicans are so infatuated with snake-oil salesman Trump, could be the state of the republican party. You think another Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush would have won the election? Of course not. Republicans had been lied to over and over again. Republican politicians only care about one thing — paying back their big contributors, through cutting taxes or handing over lucrative contracts.

Republicans have no choice. They HAVE to worship Donald Trump. If he turns out to be ANOTHER loser republican president, who steals from the poor to give to the rich, I think the republican party will be finished. They chose Trump because he was supposed to be different. He wasn’t a politician. The republican politician is dead. They threw all their eggs in one basket…and it turned out to be a failure.

Look at the last thirty years: Trump, Obama, Bush Jr. and Clinton. Like night and day. Republicans are jokes. If Putin’s intent was to hurt America OF COURSE he’d want a republican in office.

Think Trump is bad? At least he hasn’t started a war based on lies, that killed thousands of young Americans and plunged our country into a depression!

Any way you look at it, this won’t end good for the republican party. History books will point the finger at Trump for killing the republican party. Trump is a criminal, but he has the entire republican party wrapped around his finger. Look at how stupid all of the republicans are as they demand Trump’s wall! Good god! Trump has them dancing around the stage like puppets! Republican politicians are just as bad as his uneducated supporters.

Hate Trump all you want, but no democrat could ever destroy the republican party as efficiently as he has.