Trump’s Campaign Promises are Gonna Cost A Lot of Cash!

How much will all those spectacular campaign promises cost? Few can argue that Trump is our president as a result of the bold promises he made during the campaign trail. All he had to do was mention the words “I’m gonna kick all of them out”, and the stadiums would explode with applause.

Trump promised his supporters that he was going to remove all of the illegals from our country. Now, that we have returned to reality, people have begun to question what resources would be required to find all the illegals, detain them and then export them back to where they came from.

To go into cities and locate illegal aliens and then detain them in a facility and then send them back home, would be one of the most expensive missions in American history. Of course, we aren’t even mentioning the 2,000 mile long wall, which would be completely useless if illegals decided to dig under it or fly over it. That wall would also be a pretty penny.

According to McClatchy, the cost of such a method to remove illegal aliens from our country would double or maybe even triple
 the budget of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which is $2.2 billion. This money would mostly go to hiring the massive amounts of staff required, as well building the numerous prisons that the program would require.

“You’re talking billions of dollars,” said Muzaffar Chishti, the director of the Migration Policy Institute’s office at the New York University School of Law. “Americans have swallowed a lot in terms of immigration enforcement since 9/11. The issue for the Trump administration is that they’re also trying to reduce the deficit. It’s very difficult to both reduce the deficit and have a huge expansion of immigration machinery.”
 McClatchy article

Trump’s campaign promises are to build this fantastical wall on the border of Mexico and America and also add 5,000 Border Patrol officers.

Trump’s tough stand on immigrant detention will cost taxpayers big. If Trump’s visions are implemented, we will be stamped with a huge bill, plus a huge portion of our labor force will be gone.

To execute Donald Trump’s order to end “catch and release” of immigrants caught entering the United States illegally, the U.S. would likely need to double or triple the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s $2.2 billion detention budget to build and staff more jails.

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.