Turns out Bombs Were Not Fake News, and Trump’s Rhetoric Does Make his Uneducated Supporters Violent

A few days ago, when a number of bombs were sent across the country, republicans did not know how to respond. Was it just a coincidence, that the bombs were sent to Trump’s harshest critics? The same people that Trump has vehemently opposed at his rallies, just happen to get bombs sent to them.

Republicans feared the worst! What if it turns out some crazed Trumpkin sent bombs to the very enemies that Donald Trump spends all of his demented rallies denigrating, like Obama and Hillary Clinton. History books will undoubtedly list the accolades of these people, but Donald Trump had brainwashed his supporters in despising them.

In fact, Trump rode to the White House, not on the wings of his brilliant political plans, but rather, by making America hate Hillary Clinton and Obama. Despite the fact that Obama left office with the highest approval ratings of any president and that Hillary Clinton had devoted her life to legally defending poor women and children and then starting a charity that was listed the most effective charity by numerous websites that rate charities (Charity Navigator and Charity Watch), Trump made these democratic icons hated.

Trump is not in the position to be demonizing others. While running for office, he was being sued for scamming college tuition from little high school students and ANOTHER class action for sexually abusing countless women.

But still this is the guy that convinces a third of the country to hate stalwart and honorable figures like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama.

Anyway, republicans feared that the bomb scare would develop into exactly what it did - an uneducated and mentally unhinged Trump supporter, followed Trump’s advice and tried killing his critics.

Let’s face it America, the majority of Trump supporters are uneducated and mentally unhinged. I’m sure millions of Trumpkins nodded their heads in approval while learning that someone sent bombs to Hillary and Obama. How could you support a politician like Trump WITHOUT agreeing that Hillary and Obama are evil? Considering that is all he ever talks about, of course all Trump supporters agree with his admonishing remarks.

It is funny to ask a Trumpkin to explain themselves. Why do you hate Hillary Clinton? Our typical Trump supporter will scoff at such a question. Like the question is so obvious it shouldn’t even be asked. When pressed, they will regurgitate the email scandal, Benghazzi embassy, or the sex ring pizza parlor. No wrongdoing was committed by Hillary in any of these rumors. Whitewater and Travelgate are more legitimate scandal. But even if she is guilty of investing in an improper fund, such a blemish is like a pebble compared to the mountains of crimes Donald Trump committed.

Now the republicans have to defend Donald Trump. Republicans must defend the same speeches that inspire lunatics to mail bombs and go on mass shootings. As usual, the only thing sort of funny in tragedies like these, is watching the republican tap dance across the stage. Regarding the bombs, republicans went full circle in their conspiracy theories.

Initially, republicans proposed that the bomb threats were…you guessed it….”fake news”.

Some conservatives call “false flag BS” on pipe bomb packages sent to high-profile Democrats — CBS

Hours later, once the bombs were indeed authenticated, republicans were forced to develop a new conspiracy theory.

High-profile conservatives claim mail bombs are an attack by the left — The Guardian

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to identify the bomber. The bombs were sent to the same people on Trump’s hit list. The bombs were made half-ass. One of them was sent to the wrong address. Deniro’s bomb didn’t go to his house but rather his restaurant. If it was sent by “the left” wouldn’t they know the right addresses, at least?

The evidence pointed to a middle aged and lonely Trump support. Why republicans insisted on blaming the left is a mystery? Why blame someone else when you know within hours you will be corrected?

Is it just for those few minutes before the truth is revealed, and your allies can cheer and celebrate and blame the opponent? This is Trump’s oldest trick. Your bogus allegations will go on page one. A week later, the tiny font retraction somewhere on page eight. Trump probably instructed his republican minions to blame the democrats, at first.

Turns out, the bomber was a republican. Who also worshiped Donald Trump. He came from a liberal family. Why he became such a Trumpkin is anyone’s guess. Considering Cesar Sayoc’s life makes the question a bit easier. At 56, he was living in his van. Undoubtedly, he had many voids in his life. Donald Trump’s campaign however, seemed to fill them. In the eyes of a madman, Donald Trump supplied purpose. His van was covered in Donald Trump stickers. He was also a vile racist. Donald Trump was the first political figure that validated his hatred of minority.