Was Paul Ryan the Most Evil Republican Politician Ever?

Being classified as the most evil republican politician is quite a bold statement. Sort of like being the worst serial killer, or the sweetest grain of sugar, or the greenest blade of grass. By definition, all republicans are evil. All of them are in Washington for one reason — to take away food, education and healthcare from the less fortunate and hand it to the rich.

In my opinion though, Paul Ryan is in a class of his own. Thankfully, the former Speaker of the House has left Washington. Undoubtedly, to sit on the board of some corporation, where he will reap a very handsome salary.

He was House speaker for a bit more than three years. And he chaired the House Budget committee for four. Throughout this time, the only rallying cry he ever made was to lower the national debt. His solution was to do this by slashing the welfare state.

But now, at age 48, he retired, and has officially abandoned his noble conservative mission. He has released a six part documentary about…..himself. The documentary is about his twenty years of public service aimed at lowering the national debt. Though, sort of ironic, his final achievement was passing Trump’s ginormous tax cut, which piled a record amount of debt.

The documentary is really quite awe inspiring. It features clips of republican politicians speaking about how awesome Paul Ryan was, GQ. Paul Ryan achievements (if there are any) are notably outweighed by his failures. If Paul Ryan’s chief mission was to lower the national debt, his twenty years in office was an utter failure.

“On healthcare itself and debt and deficits, it’s the one that got away,” Ryan said at an event hosted by The Washington Post last week, calling those issues (along with a failure to address immigration policies) his “biggest regrets” while in office. — Reason

Imagine you were a lanky, smart, white kid from Wisconsin, who wanted to get into politics. Easiest method would be to go as a republican and insist on taking away healthcare benefits from senior citizens and food from the starving. Which is exactly what Paul Ryan did.

By definition, the republican is the epitome of evil. And to think there is such thing as the “religious right” defies every concept of morality in the universe. How someone could pray to Jesus Christ and then agree with the fundamentals of today’s conservatism, like denying the poor food and the sick healthcare, is beyond me.

Alas, as Paul Ryan wrapped up his brief yet pointless political career, he admitted his defeat. During his political career, including a failed run as candidate for Mitt Romey’s vice president, his only dream was to tackle the national debt so that he could cut taxes for the wealthy as much as possible. He said this a few weeks ago,

“I acknowledge plainly that my ambitions for entitlement reform have outpaced the political reality, and I consider this our greatest unfinished business,” the Ayn Rand devotee told his colleagues on Wednesday, as though he was a dying man ruing the fact that he wouldn’t live to see the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, except he was talking about slapping the blood pressure medication out of grandma’s mouth. “Ultimately, solving this problem will require a greater degree of political will than exists today. I regret that.” — VanityFair

To call Paul Ryan the most evil republican might be a bit uncalled for. After all, the only difference between Paul Ryan and any other republican, was that Paul Ryan was vocal about his quest to rob senior citizens of their life saving medicine.

The quote above shows Paul Ryan lamenting about his inability to obliterate those pesky benefits that save lives and feed children. His passionate quest might have failed, however, in terms of his own fortune, he sure hit a grand slam. I’m sure he has no regrets.

Here is a guy who devoted his political career to snatching food out of the starving child’s mouth and at age 48 he retires a MULTI millionaire. And those skies are only gonna get rosier!

When he turns 50, he’s likely entitled to a pension plan that Vanity Fair describes as “a golden parachute.” If he is enrolled in the program offered to Congress members, the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), he could receive $84,930 a year, assuming he sticks it out through January.

WOW! For someone who claimed to be concerned about the budget, that is an awful lot of money every year, on top of the hundreds of thousands in salary he will be making for the private positions he will undoubtedly be handed.

Which makes the Ryan story even more disgusting. The last big amendment he voted for while in office, was Trump’s big tax cuts. The same republicans that fought Obamacare tooth and nail (healthcare for your dying mother and sick daughter) passed Trump’s tax cuts over night.

Allegedly, Ryan was just in it to lower the budget. So then why would he vote for this tremendous tax cut that, a year after passage, did not bring wages down. The only people that Trump’s tax cuts benefit are Trump, Ryan and their friends.


Here is my favorite part of the Paul Ryan story. It is very sad. Not because of his misfortune, but because of his flagrant hypocrisy. When Paul Ryan was 16, his father died of a heart attack. According to his own lengthy profile in WI Magazine, times were tough for Paul Ryan. He was just about to enroll in college. Thankfully, the safety nets of the American government caught him and saved him from peril. He used Social Security payments to pay for his education.

He was saved by the same benefits he has devoted his career to ending. Think of those orphans like Paul Ryan, who won’t have the safety nets that saved Paul Ryan.