We are not at War with the Press: If you Have Nothing Good to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

There is a new army gathering at our shores. According to our president, this entity is the true “enemy of the American people.” Not terrorists, not pollution, not technological warfare, but our president tell us to fear the press. According to a Fox News Poll, it is working. More Americans trust Donald Trump than the news media.

Let us examine that statement. I feel it says a lot more about the intelligence of Americans than it does the trustworthiness of Donald Trump or the news media.

Who do you trust?

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Donald Trump

Of all the people to question the integrity of any institution, I think Donald Trump has more holes than a chunk of Swiss cheese. This is the same guy who was being sued in a massive class action law suit for stealing tuition money from little high school graduates. This is also the guy who cheated thousands of small time mom and pop laborers by failing to pay for services rendered.

Show me someone who trusts him over our country’s press and I’ll show you someone who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

His loyal fan-base is convinced that Trump could walk on water. They cling to every syllable to fly out of his fat orange face. They stand in crowds for days to breathe the same air as him. He snaps his fingers and they march out his commands. However, the higher one flies, the longer the drop. One day they will realize that Trump failed to deliver on all of his promises except saving the rich money.

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The Press

Either the press is engaged in some massive conspiracy to tarnish our president, or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then Donald Trump is purposely discrediting the press. Why would he do that? The press is the only reflection of what he is doing in office. Anyone with a brain between their ears, could deduce that it would be much easier for our president to rape our country with a media that the public does not believe.

Dictators don’t exist in societies with thriving media. Obviously, corruption prefers to lurk in the darkness then to be interviewed. Even the most loyal Trumpkin would admit, if Trump is breaking laws in the oval office, his chances of not being caught are greater with a silenced media.

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He devotes most of his speeches to denigrating our press. All he ever says is how dishonest they are. But he never cites any examples.

Donald Trump has spent his life suing people. If the media was actually defaming Donald Trump, you’d think one lawsuit would make a glaring statement for his cause.

Also, Fox News is the number one news organization in the country. Fox News is conservative. Hence, Fox News, must be in on this scheme to defame our Republican president.

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Besides Donald Trump’s doubts, you never hear any news stories questioning the validity of another news story. In other words, Donald Trump calls one story a lie, but we never read the alleged ‘true version’ of the story. That would mean that every single news organization in the country is a part of this conspiracy. According to Donald, that story is a lie, but that is the only version of the story out there.

Also, keep in mind, any newspaper that conspires to report fake news would be bankrupt the next day. If it was revealed that the New York Times fabricated their stories, no one would buy another paper. What an enormous risk they would be making. And why? To defame the recently elected president of the United States. You would assume it would be in their favor to publish flattering stories of Donald Trump, if they existed.

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Ironically, the president’s chief strategist is the founder of a fake news website, Breitbart. You have to laugh at this because it is so ridiculous.

Nothing should frighten you more than hearing the leader of the free world trying to discredit our media. That is what tyrants do. Only once the press is vanquished are they able to devour the kingdom.

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.