What if Trump was a Spy, sent by Democrats to Infiltrate and Destroy the Republican Party? Mission Accomplished

Those who have been reading my articles for a while, will know that I’ve written similar articles before. Hate Trump all you want, but no democrat could have destroyed the republican party like he has. He has bashed it like a pinata.

Everyday, that message is more coherent. When I watch Mitch McConnell refusing to bring a vote to the floor to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation, the same hero that put away Enron and the Gotti family, into Russian interference in our election, I wonder if his political career will exist after Trump.

When Trump is carted off to prison, will people still vote for a man that protected him? When his crimes are illustrated, and America finally realizes the extent to which they were lied to, will they continue to vote for people that promulgated such lies?

That question is tricky. Me and you wouldn’t vote for him, but what about the uneducated and meth smoking republican? I’d say that republican vote isn’t going anywhere. After all, Junior lied to the country to get us into a war, that killed thousands of young Americans and plunged the country into a depression, but did it all to hand massive war contracts over to a company owned by his vice president. If anyone votes republican after that, nothing will change their minds.

Trump has forced every republican politician to defend him. His fiercest critics, like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul and Paul Ryan have become his cheer leading squad. They aren’t just defending Trump, the republican party must defend Putin’s interference in our election.

The republican party has always been the most patriotic defender of the American flag. But now, as several people from Trump’s own campaign are indicted, it is becoming fact that our republican president and Putin conspired to steal our election.

Columnist Ruth Marcus had some good advice.

“Everyone who works for Trump: quit now. Save your souls. Save your honor. Save your reputation. Russia attacked our democracy. He doesn’t care, won’t defend our country.”

Look at whats going on with Saudi Arabia. It is a circus. The CIA said they were certain that the Saudi Arabia prince murdered a journalist working for an American paper. Republicans receive information about the situation, interestingly the White House excluded the CIA from attending, and then concluded there was not enough evidence against the Saudi prince.

Not only has Trump forced republicans to defend Putin but they also are defending a middle eastern prince that kills journalists!! OMG!!!

Will they be able to just shrug all of this off next election, and act like it never happened? We elect these people to govern us, instead, they spend their time defending thieves and murderers.

This is all assuming the republican party is still breathing after Trump. The republican party was on its last leg when Trump rode that forsaken escalator and commenced his campaign. Republican voters had been lied to time and time again.

Those plastic republican candidates are finished. Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney are distorted icons of the past. That was why the republicans loved Donald Trump so much. Donald Trump was literally the exact opposite of all of those republican politicians that had gained votes with lies and blinding smiles.

I see Donald Trump as the republican’s last hoorah. Who will be the next republican nominee? Donald Trump was so popular because he appealed to the uneducated and poor alt-right demographic. This significant slice of our population had been ignored by every previous president. Trump directly appealed to them by vowing to kick out all Hispanics and Muslims.

You think next election these white supremacists will support Rick Perry or Ted Cruz with similar enthusiasm? Of course not. I guarantee the republican party will nominate a candidate down the middle, nothing like Trump. As a result, that alt-right fan base will feel betrayed.

Just look at our country. Republicans are old white men. Old people die and are replaced with younger ones. Also, immigrant arrive on our shores every day. Without gerrymandering or election hijacking, republicans have absolutely no chance.

Grin and bear it, my fellow democrat. This shit show is almost over. Imagine when our country is led by politicians who try to help other people besides themselves and their families!