What Sort of American Hopes that Donald Trump Crimes are Not Investigated? One that Should be Jailed for Treason

Say what you want about Trump, but he can’t be the sharpest tool in the drawer. Did he really think he could get away with aiding Russia to pull off the biggest conspiracy in American history? The crime was so sloppy and half-assed, it appears as if he wanted to be caught.

This conspiracy involves many defendants. Mueller’s plan is to threaten one with jail time unless they give up a bigger fish. Eventually, this will lead to Trump.

Police try to nab drug rings in this fashion. Hopefully, the pusher out on the street corner will give up his dealer when threatened with jail time. However, these drug pushers are much harder to break than Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. Imagine Jared’s face when threatened with twenty years on Rikers Island! The guy would toss Ivanka and his children under a bus, to avoid that sentence!

As convictions begin piling up against Trump’s entire campaign team, it becomes evident a crime was committed against this country.

What boggles my mind however, is that a good percentage of the country, at least 25%, are hoping there is no investigation into Trump!

Poll: Most Republicans want to shut down Mueller’s investigation

Parties aside, you want what is best for America, right? You would really give the keys to the country to a scam artist con man, instead of a democrat? If Trump is innocent, of course a supporter would welcome any solution that may reveal the truth.

But what if his supporters really think Trump is guilty? The last thing they would want is an investigation that would unveil their icon for the crook that he is.

Secret tapes reveal Devin Nunes telling Republicans what must be done to protect Trump from Russia investigation, reports say

I wrote this article about a week ago, about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and how vocally adamant he has been about protecting Mueller. He supported a bill to protect Mueller, although he knew the bill wouldn’t pass. He has also accepted millions of dollars from the same Russians that Mueller is investigating. Weird.

I’m not surprised that the alt-right white supremacist’s allegiance lies with Grand Dragon Trump as opposed to America. No shock that they are hoping Trump’s crimes are not revealed. But what about the republicans in Washington? Half of the government, the very people that we elected, are trying to mask the mos atrocious crimes every committed to this beautiful country!

If only those politicians and the people that support them, could be found liable in a court of law. After all, Putin’s crime would have never taken flight if he didn’t trick our nation’s uneducated — the same demographic Trump initially appealed to — the same 32% that still approve of Trump.