What the Media is not Telling you about the Lady Republicans Used to Prove Trump is not a Racist, During Cohen Hearings, is Shocking

Among the litany of insults Cohen smeared Donald Trump with, during his congressional showdown, racist was one that he devoted a bit of time to. Cohen quoted Trump as saying black leaders govern shit hole countries and that black voters were too stupid to vote for him.

To prove Cohen’s racism charges wrong, republicans had a secret weapon hiding in the shadows. How to disprove that Trump is a racist? Present to America a black person that likes Trump. Enter Lynne Patton. A lady I have written several articles about, because she exemplifies the disgusting corruption of Trump better than most.

There are few people in the entire world whose lives have benefited thanks to Donald Trump than Lynne Patton. Years ago, Trump hired Lynne Patton to be a nanny for his children. The only thing on her resume is that she planned Eric and Lara’s wedding.

Even her resume has been the topic of argument. Her Linkedin page is quite impressive. But whats going on with her education part? She went to Quinnipiac School of Law but what does the “NA” mean?

A report from Daily News revealed that she only attended the school for two semesters.

But then one night, while Lynn was reading Baron a bed time story, Trump handed her Regional Administrator of Region II (New York and New Jersey).

Think of that! Without a single thing on her resume to qualify her for such a prestigious position, with the snap of a finger, Lynne Patton becomes a HUD executive, in charge of ensuring homeless people have a roof over their heads.

As I said before, no one in the entire world is more grateful to Donald Trump than Lynne Patton.

That being said, let’s analyze the Region II, in which Trump assigned Lynne Patton to administer.

Lynne Patton now controls billions of federal dollars in Region II of HUD, which includes New York City, Newark, Trenton and other cities in this area. A glaring conflict of interest appears. Also in this region is Starrett City, the nation’s largest publicly subsidized housing development. Trump owns a large percentage of Starrett City. Now that Lynne Patton is distributing federal dollars to the Trump Organization, the family nanny just earned last year’s coffee maker Christmas gift.

The corruption levels are massive under Trump. Starrett City are situated in Lynne’s new region. Trump owns 4% of this government subsidized housing development. Ironically, a few days after Lynne Patton’s promotion, a New York state Supreme Court judged approved the sale of Starrett City for a whopping $905 million, TheJewishVoice. 4% of that is 36 million! Not too shabby!

The funny thing about this is how republicans were the ones to shove Lynne Patton in front of the camera. Republicans were the ones to use Lynne Patton as a shining example of why Trump is virtuous.