What will GOP Post-Trump Look Like? Will it Even Exist?

The View co-host/former Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain said the other day how the GOP has changed so much under Trump, she can’t consider herself a republican anymore.

“Something will come out of this in one way or another―I just don’t know if it will be the traditional Republican Party because Trump changed it so much and it’s not what I recognize anymore and its character seems to be gone,” she said.

I hate to pat myself on the back, but I’ve been saying this ever since Donald Trump entered the presidential race. As soon as he rode down that escalator, and started talking about imprisoning Arabs and deporting Hispanics, I knew the republican party was finished.

Even if he didn’t win, the fact that Trump assumed (and was 110% right) that he could capture the republican party by condemning minorities and constricting the same American liberties that have made this country the greatest in the world, said a lot more about the republican party than it did the nominee uttering such vile propaganda.

Republican have always been the same in my life, and I’ve never liked them very much. Republicans will always contend how Abraham Lincoln was a republican. Today, if republicans acted more like Abraham Lincoln than Donald Trump, I would probably be a republican. But they don’t.

Donald Trump was a democrat most of his life, but when he thought about getting into politics he knew he wouldn’t get far as a democrat. According to his ex wife, he studied books written by Hitler to teach him how to gain power. After all, him and Hitler took near identical paths to power.

Despite my disgust for the republican party, I feel bad for them. After all, I may hate the republican party, but I respect our two party system. The power vested in the democratic party when republicans are finished could potentially be very damaging to our country.

As my title stipulates, what sort of nominee will republicans nominate next? Will it be another Hispanic hating politician? Unlikely. But the republican party knows they can’t nominate another used car salesman Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney.

The only reason Donald Trump won, was his ability to appease to that third of the country that hated BOTH republicans and democrats equally. Trump’s greatest love is that third of the country, the alt-right, uneducated and poor, many are drug addicted, that live in the shadows of our country. Hatred for minorities stimulates all of them. Some of them never voted before.

Take away all of those votes, and how do you think the republican party would have done? Remember, despite the alt-right infusion into the republican party, Trump still lost the popular vote.

Also, how many republicans have changed parties since Trump walked into the White House? Trump has made the republican party a joke. You can’t just credit Trump for the chaos going on in American politics. The entire party now is defending him and his fantastical wall.

The entire republican party is defending a person that stole tuition money from little high school students.

A man who settled out of a lawsuit in which he sexually abused countless women now gets the highest approval ratings for a republican politician since Ronald Reagan.

I wonder how much they will admire Trump, when he is sitting in prison and the republican party is demolished. The biggest republican regret will be nominating Trump.