What would you Really be Aiming at, if you Went Hunting with Junior?

What would you pay to hang out with Donald Trump Jr.? Better yet, how much would you pay for a raffle ticket to go hunting with Donald Trump Jr.? If I made a list of things I would like to do this weekend, hunting with Donald Trump Jr. would be right between a root canal and listening to the Glenn Beck show.

However, for just a small fee, the Hunter Nation website is offering this tantalizing dream to come true.

“Join Donald Trump, Jr., the modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, in Utah for a 5-day adventure hunting elk in some of the most majestic land our great country has to offer,” the sweepstake description reads. “You will have to go a long way to find a bigger advocate for our hunting lifestyle and a more passionate hunter and conservationist than Don, Jr.” - Bustle

Trump Jr. is a hunter. Why would city slicker Donald Trump Jr. be a hunter, I couldn’t tell you. The reason he has given is quite indicative. “You can’t stay out all night partying if you’re waking up at four or five to head to the tree stand.”

Is hunting a sobriety mechanism for Donald Trump Jr.? He had a big drinking problem while going to college. Fellow classmates used to call him Diaper Don, cause he would get so trashed, he’d pass out and piss himself. People

But apparently, now Junior has changed. Instead of drowning his insecurities and phobias in a tub of alcohol, he crouches in a bush and shoots a beautiful animal grazing in the distance.

I’d bet Junior drives around in a REALLY big car. Usually, men who NEED to hunt also NEED to be seen in big cars. Are you making the Freudian connections here? Someone is a little insecure with their manhood.

Another interesting explanation as to why city slicking Junior is hunting, could be the hatred he has for his father. As I write in a previous article,

His need to go out and hunt is also indicative of some issues stemming from his father. Robert O’Neil, the former Navy Seal who was first into bin Laden’s bedroom, has hunted with Jr. He said how, while they were hunting, Jr. continued to remind him that,
“You didn’t think the son of a billionaire would be a hunter.” — PoliticalHaze

Let’s face it, republican politicians aren’t the greatest hunters. Remember when Dick Cheney went hunting and shot a fellow hunter after confusing him with an animal?!

Maybe Junior and Cheney should go hunting together.