American Oligarchs vs. Russian Oligarchs: Same Rot, Same Scary Future

After hundreds of years of political evolution, humans are back to “kings and serfs,” except that the kings are called oligarchs

Dwade Kearns
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In an interview I saw recently on France 5, a French business analyst asked an American financial expert what he thought of oligarchs. The American said that he was sorry but that he did not really know all that much about Russia. The French interviewer exclaimed that he was asking him about AMERICAN oligarchs.

In reality, there are only two noteworthy differences between Russia and the USA.

First, at the core, they are both the same.

An oligarchy is “a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes,” or it could be a group outside the government exercising such control (source).

In the USA, a small number of super-billionaire parasite oligarchs run everything in the country and give people the illusion of some sort of democracy while, in fact, the oligarchs finance and, therefore, own every senator, member of Congress, and president of the only two political parties. It’s bipolar on the surface, with the same rotten structure underneath and no room for an innovative and forward-thinking group of people to run candidates.

One distinction between Russia and the USA is that in Russia, the oligarchs have one of their own — the biggest one — as President, whereas, in the USA, they chose a puppet for President. Like an idiot (George Bush Junior), a self-idolizing ‘businessman’ who specializes in losing money and screwing suppliers (Donald Trump), or an old man who is out of touch with reality (Joe Biden — who incidentally continues to implement numerous Trump policies).

American Presidents are puppets to the American oligarchs. And when the oligarchs fail (not very often), such as when Barack Obama sneaked past the goal line with, to a certain extent, his dime and nickel donations, the oligarchs still know how to apply control to make him totally ineffective. I think that Russia is far more honest. Oligarch Putin is the president and leader of the oligarchs. No false pretense.

In Russia, it’s in your face. In the USA, oligarchs are more sophisticated in controlling the population for their benefit, which brings us to the second significant difference between Russia and the USA.

The propaganda is far more effective in America because Americans are brainwashed into thinking that if it is on CNN or Fox News, then it must be true when in fact, very little is. It’s ironic, mind-boggling, and scary to see so many Fox News viewers accepting as gospel that news on CNN is fake while blindly buying everything the Fox Corporation feeds them.

The point here is that after hundreds of years of political evolution, humans are back to “kings and serfs,” except that the kings are called oligarchs.

We’re regressing at a scarily fast pace, and since almost half of the American people believe that submission to billionaires will make America great again, it’s hard to see a way out.

The future is bleak, with social unrest on the menu.

Today, let’s reach out to at least one friend to check out on them before it’s too late.

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Dwade Kearns
Politically Speaking

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