Biden’s Election Will Mean Nothing…

— — Unless we continue to work at keeping a democracy

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

After his inauguration, Biden can give this bipartisanship stuff about three weeks. He will try to get a bail-out package passed to get the economy jump-started before the vaccine makes our lives safer. When McConnell refuses, it’s time for Biden to go back to the voters. Obama didn’t do a great job of whipping up grassroots support for his programs. He thought the Republicans would negotiate. They didn’t then, and they won’t now.

We are confronted with an entire political party that only cares about their own power. If it takes keeping the economy slumping, people starving, people getting evicted, bridges falling down, China taking over the world, California going up in flames, Louisiana going under water, in addition people dying from COVID by the tens of thousands to get back in power, they will do it. They’ve been doing it for 12 years.

Biden needs to take to the road. He needs to show “the people” how they are suffering from the GOP’s obstructionism and lies. He needs to be on TV every night asking Congress to help the economy now, help healthcare, solve immigration, deal with climate change. The party superstars have to keep campaigning for each other, especially in states like Texas and Ohio. He shouldn’t waste time trying to persuade Republicans in Congress.

All the groups that challenged Trump and his elected followers, such as Indivisible, Sister District, and the others, have to show up in every Congressional, and state legislative district and ask why they are not doing things to help the 80% of Americans who are not living off their stock market gains. Universal healthcare is not socialism. People know that.

People also know that there is voter fraud. It’s called gerrymandering. There are also many blatant attempts to restrict minorities from voting. Without Trump doing outrageous, harmful things as president, the Dems have a chance to get their message out clearly and consistently. They need to show, every day, how they can improve people’s lives.

Also, Trump has to be prosecuted, even if it’s just by New York. The world has to see what a fraud and a crook he really is. He will scream, lie and Tweet. But he won’t be the president any more. He will have to defend himself against whatever it is that the grand-jury charges him. If there is evidence of Trump making personal dealings for his own benefit with other nations as president, he should be prosecuted for that also.

The biggest task is to get the large majority of Americans to agree on what is real, and what is just a hoax, a lie and a fraud. The media can help with that. They will need to treat Trump as a losing, ex-president who is a dangerous liar. They should not treat him as a statesman who has reasonable things to say. They should not cover his rallies the way they did in 2015. The best thing would be to keep him out of the news as much as possible, except for his crimes. Most of his followers will not keep following him to the fringe, right wing networks. If Fox doesn’t answer his phone calls, it could save democracy, as well as the lives of many people all over the world.



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