Commodities are costly, Let us buy hatred for free.

A poem

Our world is run by greed. Of our massive population of around six billion human beings, this planet is ruled by only the one percent among us. The other ninety nine percent are fooled and exploited so that the ambitions of this elite one percent human beings of hoarding the maximum wealth and resources that this world can provide can be fulfilled.

They’ve tempered our mind in such a way that we breed hatred for other human beings. They have divided the ninety percent people of the world on various grounds.

And we think we are the smartest people on earth but we are mere puppets in the hands of the one percent people. They are our religious heads, our politicians, the wealthy corporates, etc. They don’t care if the entire world is burnt down to ashes. And we don’t have the guts to question their motives. Forget them, we don’t question our own selves that why if I am a Christian, why do I have to hate a non Christian and vice versa? If I am white, why do I have to hate a Black person and vice versa. If I belong to India, why do I have to hate Pakistan and vice versa. The list goes on and on. No matter which part of the world you come from, we are breeding hatred for some other fellow human being because some or the other person has told us to do so. Everywhere people are suffering but to make that one percent happy, we are sacrificing our humanity.

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We can easily be divided into religion, colour, race,
Why to worry about environment, economy? All these problems we can easily face,

Our religion which is supposed to keep us human,
Into animals the entire civilisation it has managed to turn,

What's the big deal, if the color of our blood is same,
When it comes to hatred and brutality, our animal instincts can make the wildest animals feel ashamed,

We spill each other's blood in the name of religion,
And boast of to the entire world that we fight terrorism, themselves being the largest manufacturers of arms and ammunition,

Have we ever thought about the by product of this greed and hatred,
Refugees, poverty, malnutrition, orphans, widows, billions of dollars annually wasted,

Has any politician or the wealthy class been a casualty of that greed,
Do they really care about people living in refugee camps, detention camps to be freed?

They live terrible lives in camps because of their political ambitions and corporate greed,
And we the common man become a target of their propaganda and for each other, hatred we breed,

When are we going to question them? From their propaganda will we ever be free?
They have made commodities costly making us buy hatred for free.

Mohammed Junaid Khan

Written by

Author, Diary of a Father

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