Distraction From a Big War

Why I don’t want to hear about USA/UK guilts in topics about the Russian-Ukraine war

Photo by Ben Masora on Unsplash

(Editor’s note — Serhii Onkov lives in Ukraine. This article has been lightly edited to preserve the author’s original wording.)

During the last two months, topics about Ukraine and the Russian invasion of Ukraine began to appear very often. It was expected, including articles on Medium, too. While reading them, I noticed one interesting detail in the comments (relevant articles typically are well-commented). Whenever the topic is about the Russian-Ukraine war, each piece necessarily has at least a few words about how bad… the USA is. Or Great Britain. Or reptiloids. Moreover, there are so many accents that it’s a war of whites against whites, so it’s overestimated.

I’m not talking about whether this war is profitable for the USA (it’s the truth but a topic for a separate discussion). Or about the fact that both Ukraine and Russia are the biggest grain importers globally, so a few months later, it will be a problem for hateful whites. I’m worried about another narrative promoted in these comments. Roughly speaking, they say, “Someone else did something bad earlier, so why can’t Putin do that too?” It’s pretty dangerous. Why?

It’s generally a bad idea to justify any crimes because someone did badly in the past. As follows, we could say:

  • The US invaded another country, so why can’t the Russians?
  • Nazi Germany burned people in concentration camps, so why can’t the Russians?
  • Mongol-Tatars took captives into slavery, so why can’t the Russians?

I guess the analogy is understood. World history has a lot of dirt, but humanity doesn’t stand still and tries to become better. Any crime can’t be excusable only because it already happened in the past.

I understand the resentment of people who feel this war is much overestimated compared to other conflicts of the last years. (From being inside it, I can only tell that it looks like it has critically low attention here, and all we are forgotten in a battle with the monster). A racism theme is still painful for all the world, so it was expected. All modern wars are equally tragic, not depending on the involved countries and the skin color of suffered people. But it’s not a reason to entangle old affronts against Europeans or Americans here.

By the way, Russian propaganda tried to play on racism to blame Ukraine in the first days of their invasion. They used international students who couldn’t evacuate quickly. At that time, the number of refugees was huge, much bigger than transport capacity. In this situation, priority was given to evacuation for women and children. International students could be refused evacuation because they are adult men, not depending on the color of their skin. But they could not understand the reason, primarily because of the language barrier — not many Ukrainians know English or other foreign languages.

In general, so much negativity toward Ukraine or its allies can be explained simply by the huge count of Russian bots that can successfully mimic people from different countries. They are absolute masters of distraction. It’s worth admitting that bot farms are one of the things that Russia can make really good, along with world depression and sculptures from shit.

That’s what it’s all about. You have every right to hate the USA, UK, or EU, but let’s do it on relevant articles. Also, do not forget that modern whites aren’t responsible for ancestral sins, and the generalization of guilt will not solve anything unless it makes you racist instead. The only theme about the western countries related to Ukraine is the possible supply of weapons. Living more than two months under constant attacks, we pray only for peace. But this time gave us realize that it is possible only by expelling the enemy from our land. Otherwise, all the world could see horrible examples like Bucha what Russian terroristic troops are capable of against unarmed and defenseless people.



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