Hitlers Dream

Prose Poetry

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

If Hitler were alive today
He would find little resistance
From these far-right neoliberal

Finding ourselves lured
Into their way of thinking supporting
Corporations which no longer
Court governments, who instead,
Instruct our greedy leaders
Along with their media cohorts
Manipulating the western masses
Into ideas those they bomb
Are the enemy.

Their voices to be ignored,
To be demonised for fear they may want
To have the same rights as we in the free west.

He was born too early to see his dream
Of enslavement realised.
Carried out by what would be
His blond-haired petulant Aryan children,
Abusing their acquired positions
To run our countries into the ground,
Suppressing criticism to the point
Of leaving their critics in jail to rot,
True 1984 style.

Our freedom of information is
Being killed off
Leaving a legacy once again
Future generations would look
Back on with horror and dismay.

If Hitler were alive today
He would be proud to see
His model executed so brutally with
The latest War machines tested on a people
With fireworks and stones,
Punished by those with might for daring
To defy their oppressors for
Trying to defend what little stolen land they had left.

Refugees in all corners of the world
Becoming the sanitised norm of the west,
Turning the other cheek on their behalf

Men and women who so bravely fought and died
For freedoms and values against
Far-right ideology see their brave efforts
Now thrown against the tide of time,
To be realised and exercised by those
Who care only about their dynasties
And the enslavement of people,
Entrapped to do their bidding under the guise
Of self-development, development being
Slaves of corporate avarice
Fulfilling the desire of pure unadulterated greed
Of which our knights so bravely fought to destroy.

Thank you for reading. J.

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James G Brennan

James G Brennan


Writes eclectic free verse poetry and is free to read. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.