How Many of Us Are Going to Canada This Time?

Be Careful Saying You Are Moving to Nova Scotia if Trump Wins Because It Could Happen

Photo by Ali Tawfiq on Unsplash

Four years ago, about this time, it became popular for many people living in DC to say they were going to move to Canada if Trump won. Estimates vary, but well over 1,000 did. Not a lot, really. Apparently, Trump isn’t the only one making promises he didn’t keep.

Now Trump is at it again. Polls suggest that Biden is still well ahead, but that Trump is closing in. And history tells us that in 2016, most pundits were convinced Hillary had the election in the bag. She was focusing on who would be assistant secretary of education for elementary and secondary education rather than campaigning in Wisconsin.

Could Lightening Strike Again?

Of course, it could. And the day that it could happen is September 29, or October 15, or October 22 — the dates of the three Presidential debates. Also, a Biden crack-up could occur on any of the other dates between now and the election.

It’s right to worry even though Biden appears to be doing almost everything right. He’s appealing to independent and moderate voters by simply being sane. I like seeing him and Jill in their COVID-19 masks. It tells me he takes the pandemic seriously.

I’m also glad to see his voluminous plans posted on his website. Not everyone supports everything and more than a few of us worry about the $10 trillion + cost, but at least Biden lets us know where he stands.

In contrast, Trump trusts his voluminous gut. Right now, it’s telling him that people want whatever is necessary to get “rioters” out of their neighborhoods, especially Black ones. He’s also appealing to our fellow citizens who believe you can wish a pandemic away. Not wearing a mask or washing your hands are key here.

It’s Dangerous to Assume All Trump Supporters are Idiots

Some of us — I saw one in the mirror this morning — regularly fall into the trap of believing that Biden will win simply because Trump’s supporters are “idiots.” Why would someone mount a huge Trump flag reading “Trump 2020: No More Bullshit!” to their boat and proceed to get it sunk in Lake Travis, Texas?

Why do they gather, sans mask, in Las Vegas to hear Trump deliver the same hate-filled speech? Is it just that he is more entertaining than “Sleepy Joe?” Or do the Trump people really think an authoritarian dictator will fix our political divisions. (Spoiler alert: It could if it goes as some propose and includes eliminating a free press and jailing Nancy Pelosi.)

In the End, Biden Needs a Big, Big Win

And then there’s the problem of Trump not accepting defeat if he loses. Bizarrely, he hinted at “negotiating” for a third term during his recent Los Vegas speech. Lots of Laughs. But what if he doesn’t peacefully hand over the reigns of power to Biden? What happens if he asks the military to prevent his removal from the White House? We’re looking at uncharted territory here.

To effectively preempt a Trump coup after a Biden win, the former VP will have to win big. To make this happen, of course, we all must vote.

I’d say, “vote early and often,” but after the President’s recent suggestion that people vote twice, the humor of this advice is gone. Far better is the suggestion to do everything you can to make sure your vote is counted. Thus, vote early if voting by mail. Vote in person if you can.

And More About Canada

Fear of making a promise you can’t keep isn’t the only reason not to leave for Canada if the Orange Menace is re-elected. Don’t forget that Americans are no longer welcome in Canada. You can’t go even if you wanted to. Think twice before you say, “Nova Scotia here I come!”

Also note that large parts of the rest of the world also remain closed to Americans as a result of how the pandemic was handled here. Among the countries still welcoming US tourists? Egypt, Cambodia, Haiti and several more popular vacation spots, including Bermuda, Croatia, and many other popular vacation resorts. Check out the list.

I wouldn’t mind visiting Bermuda this summer or Croatia next winter. But who among us is ready to move there?



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