If You Don’t Like It, Then You Need to Move, She Said

The story of how we lost an ordinary farmer, elected state senator, to the Grand QAnon Party

Politically Speaking


The family farm, founded in 1846, Dayton Township, Iowa County, Iowa. Photo credited to the author

Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. — State of Iowa

Across the pond, through the study window, I see an American Flag at half staff rustling in the wind. It’s been at half staff since November 7, 2020, the day the U. S. declared President Biden victorious in the election. I try not to look at it, but it’s all I can see. I watched as the family — three generations — lowered it together.

Upstairs, the view from my bedroom window stretches out into the distance where a screaming red Chinese Flag hangs from a rooftop through the trees.

It’s not just flags. I’m surrounded by signs, too. Stop the Steal, and Let White Republicans Farm are increasingly trendy. Three miles south, a billboard that reads God, Country and Trump 2020 still stands at the entrance ramp headed west on Interstate 80 toward Des Moines, Iowa’s State Capitol.

It once felt safe out here in nowhere, surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland, until patriotism and the strangulating rein of Donald Trump’s Grand QAnon Party took over.