A Poem

Photo by Marco Oriolesi on Unsplash

I turn on PBS. It’s an intelligence committee or something and I do not see how that word connects to what I am seeing. Rich white men in suits talking and talking in ways that do not actually say anything it is boring, not compelling, it is passionless, and it is the usual typical status quo junk. We are living in these things that books have warned us about since forever, dystopian fiction and some kind of warnings in the bible even…



At Politically Speaking, we come together to share our views on politics and society. We are a proud supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people. We stand against racism and the oppression of people of color. Here at Politically Speaking, when we see, we speak!

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Jenny Justice

Jenny Justice


Poet | Mom | Sociologist | Author | Brings Poetry to life with empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Poetry Fangirl ❤POM Poet❤