Lady Liberty — Three Little Words: Lock Her Up!

The monolithic Right stays on easy, effective, sound bite word slogans, the Left can’t stay on message

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In their all-out effort to end democracy, those people I will forthwith call Dumpsters carve twisty, rocky goat paths to several little dump sites.

Primarily because they have too much to do, such as having jobs, paying more than their share of taxes, living with poor education and healthcare, and trying to survive all the “isms” from racism to sexism, progressives are ineffective at causes, government, and most of all words.

There are have too many causes, and so little time.

Democrats are horrible at messaging. They can’t get it down to three words. Like this:

“Lock Her Up!”

Here is how to lock up Lady Liberty:

Raise a rabble. Get them aboard by finding their particular hate. Is it Muslims? Is it migrants? Is it environmentalists? Is it feminists? Is it LBGTQ? Is it Black Lives Matter? No matter which “hate” that they have — use it.

Enrage the rabble, and get them to storm the capital. Shout three words:

Wave arms and do accordion hands. Ignore, (or instigate) lots of stuff to distract everybody. Here are plenty of three-word slogans to employ:

Stand back, stand by

It’s a witch hunt

Trump that B-word

COVID isn’t real

Their new hoax

End mask mandates

My body my choice

It’s fake news

(Note that some three-word slogans have more than three words, let’s not pretend that math, science, or facts are real!)

Now rather than fade into embarrassing and horrific history, transform your party into a hate-based monolith that objects to progress in public, patriotism, or planet.

You will win the hateful hearts of those who get fired up by divisiveness.

You don’t need everybody. Just enough people to make a fuss, and encourage others to disengage.

With the short sound bite slogan method, it’s easy to dump decency into the depths.

Be hostile to those who want liberty and justice for all. Which three-word slogan to use, though? Stop the woke. Save the children. Fire Mike Pence. Impeach Joe Biden. Cancel “cancel” culture. Release the Kraken.

The Democratic side is torn apart by their individual, slight differences. Use that. Divide and conquer (another slogan, but don’t say it out loud.) They will be ineffective at bringing criminal charges. They won’t even know how to defend simple truths such as CRT is not taught in grade school, or the USA has a racist history. Women are fully developed, post-natal, human beings, deserving of autonomy, but the interminable rhetoric makes this a “nuanced position.”

Lady Liberty, however, well, she’s sort of up for grabs.

Very Stable Genius

It’s pretty easy to lock up Lady Liberty if you confuse your enemies so thoroughly that they give up. Tell them you are a very stable genius, or that your golf game is more important than Ukraine. Tell them that “tax the rich” means “tax the poor.” Tell them you have no idea “what a burner phone is.” Tell them the Left is coming for their burgers, guns, and children. Say, “Under our administration… Russia respected America.”

They will be very confused.

If you are on the conservative side of humanity, congratulations, you know how to make words, no matter how false, work for you. If you are on the more liberal side, stop thinking with your head, and start using phrases that are pithy, short, and meaningful.

Can we do this?

“Yes, we can!”



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Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.