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No More Federal Taxes for Our Military

Any soldier who served in an active war zone, tax-exempt!

As we bail from another failed war effort, this time in Afghanistan, I am reminded of the words in Sun Tzu-

There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare

I don't want to talk about wasted tax dollars, who started the war, or why. Those geopolitics are above my paygrade. It would be an opinion in futility.

My heart and fears go out to the people of Afghanistan, the ones who believed the United States would change their plight. The ones who are right now hanging on to C-130s and falling to their death; for them worth the risk. I think the lessons served at this point are fairly obvious; America can’t even solve its own problems, no one should listen to us; Our light has dimmed and is almost out, IMHO. Let's do something grand and without narcissistic overtones. Let's do something for our Heroes.

Moving on

As an American who has never had to serve in the military, I want to thank those who have taken that place. The women/men who faced the horrors of war in my stead. I always said we should have required a draft for this war; why? Because a draft requires all of the population to be in the conversation, not just the brave families of volunteer soldiers. Again JAFO, but now we can do something. Right now.

We can provide full assistance to the men and women coming back and help them transition back into a life where the experience of threat to life or act of killing is not the first thought of the day. We must show them we are prepared to sacrifice for them, as they did for us. This effort must be grand and on a major scale; we cannot be the next generation that allows our heroes to be discounted or marginalized and forgotten; we cant.

With that, I am proposing an open letter to our representatives; No Federal Taxes for any Solider that has seen battle or their immediate family if they did not make it home.

If our Congress can't get this done, we must do a fund; run by a solid committee of unimpeachable people—the one mission, to supplement as many battle-worn soldiers' federal tax bills as possible.

I am just a conduit of thought but am willing to write a draft for my representative. Are you in? I am writing mine right now.



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