Pancho, Peter, and Putin

A cat, a rabbit, and the evilest human being on the planet

Photo by Danny Trujillo on Unsplash

Last night, my cat, Pancho, dragged a baby rabbit one-third his size into my house through his cat door. I heard the rabbit shriek-squeak and a thud on the floor under the cat door, and then rabbit and Pancho catapulted into the living room, rabbit inches from Pancho’s snarl and just able to dive to safety under my…




At Politically Speaking, we come together to share our views on politics and society. We are a proud supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people. We stand against racism and the oppression of people of color. Here at Politically Speaking, when we see, we speak!

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Katharine Valentino

Katharine Valentino

Writer and editor with considerable experience still trying for the words that make us do and feel good things. Website:

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