“Progressives” Are Admitting They Were Wrong About Joe Biden — They Were Wrong About Hillary Clinton Too

Is hindsight 20/20?

Lawson Miller
May 2 · 2 min read
Tom Williams/Getty Images

This week, NBC News donned a headline entitled “Joe Biden is proving progressives wrong. And they’re loving it.” It is true that with just 100 days in office Joe Biden has signed into law one of the most progressive, large, and sweeping bills in American history. The latest economic news reveals that the economy is recovering at a rapid pace, driven by increased consumer confidence and spending. The economy grew at a 6.4% GDP rate in the first quarter, signaling what many economists believe is just the beginning of the US recovery. In addition to the expansion of unemployment benefits, stimulus payments, the Biden administration exceeded their initial goal of 100 million COVID shots within the first 100 days, with that number surpassing 200 million shots given in less than 100 days of Biden’s administration.

It’s worth noting, that in light of these successes, in 2016 Hillary Clinton was running on the most progressive platform and the most diverse campaign in the history of presidential politics. Yet the hand-wringing and refusal of some “progressives” to vote for Hillary Clinton despite this shows the profound arrogance and ignorance of those who fatally misjudged the political climate and helped usher in an authoritarian and unqualified president. I use progressive here in quotations because no true progressive would have helped throw an election to an authoritarian and throw less privileged people under the bus.

Biden was even more “centrist” than Hillary Clinton, many people argued. Yet he is accomplishing historic progressive feats. This is how you get stuff done, this is what mature adults do, they vote for the best candidate even if they aren’t their top choice, lest they are willing to contribute to an American backslide in smart policy and basic decency. In light of all the “progressives” who are proudly admitting how wrong they were about Joe Biden, they should consider that just maybe they were wrong about Hillary Clinton — the first female nominee of a major party running on the most progressive platform in the history of American politics. It’s incredibly frustrating that we had to learn from the mistakes of 2016 to get here, but it’s also time that many of these “progressives” who admit they were wrong about Joe Biden, that maybe, that just maybe, their criticisms of Hillary Clinton were wrong, unfair and overblown.

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