Same as it Ever Was

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Joe Biden calls for unity and the world cheers. People all over feel as if they have dodged a bullet and that everything and everyone will be saved. Freedom, fun, and fireworks for everyone. Mitt Romney says congratulations.

Sure, Trump won’t give up the fight. No one expected him to have an ounce of decency in his body. He will remain the liar and disrupter in chief. But this is the second time that his lies can’t change what happens. Obviously, the first was the virus.

Now we see that after some sulking, Trump has thrown the country off the bus. He will pursue legal challenges, just to keep his followers in fantasyland. They need something to cheer about, even if it’s just another lie. He claims he is the rightful heir, kind of like Hamlet, but he doesn’t know who that its.

At first, Republicans remained silent. Then one, two or three of them begin to get on Trump’s train. They say that there might be fraud somewhere, maybe it’s just no one has seen it yet. It needs to be sniffed out for the good of democracy. Bill Barr tells his Federal Prosecutors that they should investigate fraud, if they ever find any evidence. Now, the wise and friendly turtle, Mitch McConnell joins in with that chorus. No one mentions any evidence.

They all know that there is no fraud. Every ballot in this election, almost 150,000,000 of them, has been checked, rechecked, videotaped, counted and recounted. No state, not even Georgia, wanted any possible blemish on their record. But now, just like all the Inspectors General who did their jobs, the Republicans are attacking those who carefully counted the votes. They are being attacked for not finding a way to get their party the victory, just like they always have. The two Georgia Senators who are now in run-offs, want the guy who ran the election fired. He’s a Republican. He didn’t cheat. What kind of a Republican is he?

All of this makes it clear that Biden can reach out to voters, and tell them he is working for all of them, but he shouldn’t expect any kind of cooperation from any elected Republican. Lying and cheating are still fine with them. They did much better with that than they expected, so why change.

They can’t stop Biden from becoming President. He has the votes, and there is no sign of fraud, mismanagement, or even mistakes. Everyone made sure that things were good. That’s what took so long. But they will give Trump enough room to spend four years holding rallies and telling everyone the same things he’s been saying for five years: he is the one who has been cheated. He is the victim of fraud. The throne is rightfully his. What he is also still saying is that Black Votes Don’t Count! That’s what his followers believe.

The Dems better bust their asses in Georgia for those two Senate seats, otherwise Mitch McConnell will go back to Kentucky, thank his voters and never even open the Senate for business, except to not negotiate with Nancy Pelosi.

Joe can give this unity thing three days after he has been inaugurated. After that, he should start signing Executive Orders, and kicking the ass of Congress. Take control and make things work. Don’t make the mistake that Obama did, and think people will be willing to do something for the benefit of the country. Don’t expect anything, not a penny, or even just a wink and a nod, from any Republican.

To them cooperation means Socialism, and Socialism means Communism, like Medicare, or public schools. And that’s bad, very bad. Much worse than a compromise or a fair election.




At Politically Speaking, we come together to share our views on politics and society. We are a proud supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people. We stand against racism and the oppression of people of color. Here at Politically Speaking, when we see, we speak!

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