Texas Just Introduced Open Rule by the Oligarchy

And this Texan is not surprised

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

When I left my former hometown of Denton, Texas, I’d been fighting a corporate scam for years. The city made millions annually off of red light cameras. Further investigation revealed not only was the camera company targeting innocuous behavior like motorists turning right on red a little too quickly at empty intersections…




At Politically Speaking, we come together to share our views on politics and society. We are a proud supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people. We stand against racism and the oppression of people of color. Here at Politically Speaking, when we see, we speak!

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Russ Linton

Russ Linton

Nomad, science fiction author, former cryptocurrency miner, trailblazer. Find out more at https://www.russlinton.com

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