The Arizona Election Audit Was a Victory for Trump and the American Fascist/Oligarch Party AKA GOP

If you think it wasn’t, guess again, and we should all be very very frightened right now

Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash

Yes, I saw the same blip of news coverage that you did of the announced results of the “forensic” audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County in…




At Politically Speaking, we come together to share our views on politics and society. We are a proud supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people. We stand against racism and the oppression of people of color. Here at Politically Speaking, when we see, we speak!

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Fay Wylde

You want to evaluate me by a tiny profile blurb? I’m not reducible to 10 words or less. No one is. Live, Learn, and Love. There, that is my blurb.

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