The Business of Control

The world’s oldest profession — really

A woman’s face is obscured by a long, extended scarf that appears to be pulling her to the side. Her long black hair obscures the rest of her face. It is unclear which way she is facing.
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Stop crying already. You have nothing to blame but yourself. The reality is that people are sheep. We want to be told what to believe and what to do.

We are herd animals. We can’t live alone. We find safety in numbers. We want to numb our thoughts. We want approval. We want love. And we are willing to give up our souls to get it.

We are no higher a life form than the dog that slinks away with its tail between its legs when it is scolded or wags its tail when it is praised. We are human animals, but animals just the same.

Why should control of humanity be any different than domestication of beasts? Why do we believe we are any different?

Why else would anyone sign up for social media? Why would anyone with a rational mind give up their most private inner thoughts and actions for free to a massive entity that rewards, punishes, then picks and chooses what to show them in return? Why?

Don’t bother answering anything about getting solace from the idea of a higher power, a “god”. Plllleeeease. The religion racket was the earliest adopter of the control and manipulation scam. They literally invented it. And perfected it. The only things that changed in the last few centuries are the competing games that moved into town: democracy, socialism, communism, wokeism, and any other ism you can think of. Don’t forget celebrity worship.

Once we were not excommunicated or hung for speaking our minds, our minds devolved right into seeking other forms of bondage for ourselves. It’s like the battered woman who keeps going back to the man that beats her up after he pimps her out. We seek it out lasciviously. We covet control. We lap around at a leader’s heels and beg for it. We pay money for it.

A man with his head inside a computer terminal appears to be controlled by a handheld remote-control device.
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Don’t blame social media or any other kind of media. Don’t blame governments. We asked for them, created them, and fed them until they became monsters. And we did it through our never-ending need for approval. And our need for more. More of everything. We are insatiable.

Once in a while, stop and look at your actions. Ask yourself why you do them. Do you really want to? Or are you doing them to obtain approval from someone, or worse, something — like the algorithm?

This is hurtful. I know. I am only stating the obvious. I didn’t invent this truth — all I am doing is calling it out. I am just a messenger. But go ahead and blame me if it makes you feel better. The blame won’t change anything. Go ahead and yell at me. You will just be yelling at your own self.

Unless YOU change something. Wake up, take a deep breath, feel around for the cord you are tethered to and pull it out of the socket. It will hurt. And then you’ll be flushed down the toilet with the sludge. You’ll be wet and stinky and cold and alone. But maybe you’ll be alive. For once.

Take a good hard look at your life. Where do you actually have control? Inside your own head? I doubt it. You’re reading this — aren’t you?

A wooden puppet on strings is controlled by above by a wooden hand.
Photo by Sivani B on Unsplash

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Maria Luisa Palma

Maria Luisa Palma


Contrarian, Critic, Disruptor. All my edges are sharp but I love a good laugh. Advocate for independent thought. General misfit known for ongoing rants.