The Facts the Government Don’t Want You to Know About the Coronavirus.

As we have all been placed in a state of fear, by our governments and media, what are the facts?

Sam H Arnold
Mar 8 · 5 min read
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600 people died from the flu in 2019, in the UK. To date, only 2 people have died so far from the Coronavirus.

Reports state that 30 000 people died in the world last year from the flu. To date, this year, the death toll from the Coronavirus stands at approximately 3500.

Here is the most frightening statistic. Nine million people died from starvation last year alone. That is 25 000 people a day. Our media is not so willing to publish these reports.


Hand sanitizers does not kill the Coronavirus. All those that have stockpiled it or bought it on eBay for £50 a bottle, it’s pointless. The standard hand sanitizer has an alcohol content in the region of 30%. The solution is not strong enough to penetrate the membrane of the virus. Even hospital sanitizer which is 80% concentration, isn’t strong enough to kill it. Yet our nurses are having to police relatives as they try to steal it from beds.

Paracetamol is running short throughout the country. Partly due to the fact people are stockpiling, but mainly because there have been no deliveries of it. Want to know why? Most of our paracetamol comes from China. Bet that will make a few people put it back.

Dean Koontz didn’t predict the Coronavirus. If he was that psychic he would have bet on Leicester winning the premier league in 2016.

My daughter only eats three varieties of food. Due to her autism, eating is a major problem for us. She will eat three varieties of toddler food. Today when we went to do our shopping, they were nowhere to be found. All had sold out. Why because people have been bulk buying toddler food. I have no problem with protecting your children but have some consideration for others.

The government have produced such a state of fear, people are stockpiling baby food. Whilst this food sits in a cupboard gathering dust, in case it is needed, my daughter starves. It isn’t that awful at the moment, but it could be if this continues.

The politicians of today seem to want to divide societies no matter what. A scared, divided country is easier to control. In the UK alone the government and its lapdog the media have tried Brexit to divide us. They have tried racism to divide the nation and now they are dividing us by creating a state of fear.

Neighbour is fighting with neighbour over toilet roll. What is with the toilet roll hoarding? Unless I have missed something, one of the symptoms of Coronavirus isn’t the runs. I joke, but I have heard of all-out fights in supermarkets for the last role.

Governments need us to be scared. People are easier to control if they are in fear. If a country is in fear, the government becomes useful. These governments can then take away our rights, without question. We look up to our government to help keep us safe. We stop asking questions about their conduct and expense accounts.

It isn’t just the governments that benefit from a state of fear. Shops who have recently seen their profits fall are reaching record sales. The shelves in Tesco are emptying. All that money is rolling into their profit accounts. How did we get to this situation, the media showed us empty shelves. We became scared of a food shortage so went shopping. We added to the shortages but stockpiling. Imagine if this was fake news and the supermarkets had pulled food off the shelves to take the pictures of them empty, so we started shopping.


Zoom in on the shelve beside it, it is full. Does anyone else feel manipulated?

The creators of the Coronavirus are being given huge amounts of money to fight the disease. Pharmaceutical companies are receiving huge donations to find a cure, for a disease they created. President Trump signed an 8.3 billion emergency aid package, to aid the companies to provide a vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies are well known to finance governments and political campaigns.

In amongst the scaremongering and media manipulation, some facts are true and sensible. Handwashing with soap and water does kill the Coronavirus. Effectively washing your hands before eating and during the day will help. I wonder at the people who need to be told they should be washing their hands.

Stay calm and if you have a high temperature and a cough contact a doctor of the NHS 111 service. Don’t take yourself to the doctor, ring first. Even if you have all the symptoms don’t panic the common cold and flu comes with the same symptoms. Just because you have a cough and temperature, does not mean you have Coronavirus.

Isolating yourself until you are better is good manners. I don’t want your Coronavirus. I also don’t want your common cold, if that’s what you have.

Eat healthily, get your fair share of vitamins and minerals. Drink water and stay hydrated. If you are going to cough or sneeze put your hand over your mouth and then wash your hands. Better still sneeze into your elbow, almost no one touches there.

You will see throughout this article I have referred to the State of Fear. Michael Crichton wrote a book in 2004 called State of Fear. In it, he details how governments need to make us scared to keep the everyday person down and controlled. I urge anyone to find a copy and read it.

He stated that in the USA, first, it was the Russians that people should be fearful of. Then it was other ethnicities. Now it’s global warming. Crichton didn’t live to witness the recent chain of events.

Only 0.00001% of the world’s population has contracted the Coronavirus

From these 100 000, 54% have recovered and only 3% have died and all had pre-existing conditions.

Be careful, be sensible but life is too short not to live it without fear.

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