The Top 10 Things That Scare Me More Than Immigrants

Using the same type of evaluation when assessing an immediate threat to a community, I’ve compiled a list

Politically Speaking
7 min readJun 23, 2021


Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

If you haven’t heard, the Iowa GOP wants you to believe that illegal immigrants are crossing the border with backpacks full of drugs and unloading them in Iowa. This misinformation has spread like the plague.

I do not know why someone would risk their life to get to the border and cross it illegally, only to travel an additional 1,600 miles to sell drugs in a state that’s 78% rural with houses spaced miles apart.

Not to mention, they’d have to pass through at least eight different large metropolitan areas while crossing the United States to get here. It would be a lot less work and a lot more profit to unload those backpacks in a more densely populated place.

The Iowa GOP launched an ignoramus Twitter campaign hating on immigrants and bashing Vice President Harris for her “mishandling” of the “border crisis.”

They sentenced migrant workers to COVID-19 illness and death by executive order in meat processing plants and protected the corporations instead of the workers. The Governor also refused a federal request to help house “illegal…