What Is It With The Right-Wing And Conspiracy Theories?

What makes the right-wing so gullible?

Suvi Helena
Politically Speaking


David Todd McCarty on unsplash.com

Sometimes I feel like conservatives have been brainwashed to think that literally.every.single.thing is not only a conspiracy but a conspiracy against them. Is there anything that can be trusted if even science is disregarded so easily? COVID is a conspiracy. Vaccines are a conspiracy. Climate change is a conspiracy. The election was a conspiracy. Everything is a conspiracy!

I mean, how do they keep up with all of it? I feel like I would die of paranoia.

Conspiracy theories have always existed. I actually used to find them quite entertaining and interesting, and every once in a while I’d fall down YouTube rabbit holes about flat earth theories and Chuckie Cheese conspiracies, chuckling at the absurdity and then going about my life thinking: “Thank goodness nobody sane actually believes that stuff!”

Boy was I wrong. Turns out, there are far more baseless conspiracy theories that have led to physical action and disaster; Pizzagate, thousands of people ignoring health guidelines, January 6th, to name a few.

The craziest, and most dangerous, conspiracy theories are in fact, primarily created and believed by the right-wing. It would be unfair to say that every Republican actually believes…