When Were We Ever United?

Maybe the truth is we never have been united behind the Idea of America

Two boys, about four years old, stand with arms around each other, smiling. One boy is black, one white. One holds an American flag.
Children during the Bicentennial. West Side Highway, NYC, July 4, 1976. Photo by Len Speier, copyright Len Speier Estate, used with permission. Print in the ICP Collection.

It wasn’t even a question; it was a statement. In response to a recent column where I asked if we can set aside the beliefs of our tribes and reunite, C. Seals simply said, “I was curious about how and when you viewed this country and its citizens as united.”



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André Alyeska

André Alyeska

Editor of Animated Man and founder of February 5. Writes on Politics, Social Issues, Mental Health, and Mindfulness with the goal to fix this mess we’re in.