President Trump’s First Term on Amazon: 40,000 books and counting…

The Hardbound Presidency

President Trump is the world record holder for most books on a president during their first term in office.

Alexander Muse
Nov 12 · 3 min read

On average, during President Trump’s first term in office, 39 books about the president have been published each day. President Trump has been an inspiration to thousands of authors in the literary community who have documented his first 1025 days in office on more than 8,000,000 uncoated vellum pages filling more than 40,000 books — each available on Amazon. No other president has been written about more in their first term and none have had as many books as critical about their presidency.

Each week the media selects one or more of these anti-Trump books to guide the week’s talking points regarding the president and his administration. This week the book du jour is “A Warning” by Anonymous and every major media outlet has promoted one or more of the various claims made by the unnamed author. Here is a sampling from this week, Axios, Business Insider, CNN, Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox News, NBC, Deadline, The Daily Beast, USA Today, Vanity Fair, NPR, CBS, Politico, Newsweek, HuffPo, ABC, National Review, The Guardian, The New Republic, The Atlantic, The Advocate, The Oakland Press, Mediaite, Albany Times, Real Clear Politics, Voice of America, and The New York Daily News.

While the vast majority of the books about the president are by authors who have never met Trump, there are quite a few by former staff members.

James Comey, Director of the FBI (fired) — A Higher Loyalty
Sean Spicer, Press Secretary (resigned) — The Briefing
Anthony Scaramucci, Com Director (fired) — The Blue-Collar President
H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser (resigned) — Battlegrounds
Omarosa Manigault Newman, Director of Communications for White House Office of Public Liaison (fired) — Unhinged
Cliff Sims, Special Assistant to the President (resigned) — Team of Vipers

The sheer volume of negative information contained in each of these books provides the media with an infinite amount of source material for their television, radio, and print stories about the president — the result has been a constant barrage of negative press for the president that has ironically generated even more negative books. We’re living in a literary echochamber when it comes to President Trump and it shows no signs of slowing down…

Here are a few of my favorites: Impeaching Trump, Dumpty Trump, Trump Cheats at Golf, and Everything Trump Touches Dies. If you thought this was a recent occurrence you should know that people have been covering this phenomenon since the start of the Trump administration — for example, Joe Romm wrote in 2018, “Read and resist: Essential books in the Trump era”.

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