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Everybody Needs a SuperHero by Eddie Wong, Creative Commons, Flickr.com

Call for Submissions: Everyday Leadership and the Question, “Why Don’t We Do it?”

A Friend Asks Julian Bond, “Why don’t we do it?”

Julian Bond (left) and Congressman John Lewis participating in a “Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement” panel at LBJ Library’s Civil Rights Summit in 2014 (photo by LBJ Foundation)
  1. Prospective writers for Politicolor will need to write their draft on Medium and send a a link to politicolor@gmail.com. If you need help, send a message to that same address but be sure to include “help” in the subject line.
  2. If you’re work has previously appeared in our publication, submit your draft via the “…” icon and choose “add to publication.” We will acknowledge receipt of your work by either publishing it or getting in touch with you.
  3. Please send no more than two contributions per month. With few exceptions, most work will be added to Politicolor’s publication on Medium, Politicolor Sketchbook. Our editorial staff will review submissions and consider proposals for more frequent contributions once a writer has a history writing in the Politicolor mode.
  4. Our maximum length is 5,000 words (20 minute read). Short posts should be no shorter than 650 words (5 minute read).
  5. Your story should be well formatted, including subheadings and images (with proper attributions) to sustain interest, and be free of errors. Our editors will aim to publish your work unchanged but will correct obvious typos, add photos and adjust some formatting when necessary.
  6. We will verify that we received your story within 7 to 10 days. Work may not be published in the order that it is received but will be incorporated into the publication calendar to amplify the effect of shared themes or complementary efforts taking place on our main website.



Politicolor is a civic-learning community that connects the civic-minded through the ideas that make self-government possible. We serve an engaged citizenry and promote civic curiosity.

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