Q&A: “Two Virgins and a Redhead” a new Web-Series

Left to Right: Haley, Joy, and Megan

Today it seems that everyone is becoming social media famous. You can make an Instagram, a Youtube channel, or even just put videos on Facebook. We live in a viral, click-bate world. The other day when searching Youtube for some new funny videos I came across three young women who just started their own online web-show called “Two Virgins and a Redhead”.

Joy Seaboch, Megan Sweet, and Haley Richardson are each recent college graduates from different parts of the United States, they all came to the city of New York with one common goal, to follow their dreams of being comedy writers and performers. I sat down with these three ladies to find out what it takes to to create your own show.

So how did you all meet?

Megan: It’s super funny actually, we all met at an internship we did together at NBC. We were working on one of the Late Night Shows. We were always together sitting in the intern corner and we noticed one day that even though we all came from different backgrounds we all really loved comedy and we all wanted to write our own sketches.

Can you tell me a little about your backgrounds?

Joy: Sure, so I actually grew up in Texas and I went to school for Math. I was senior and I discovered that I really hated math, I didn’t want to sit behind a desk all day. I have always really loved comedy so, I decided to apply to a couple of comedy shows in New York City as an intern. I never ever thought that I would get anything. But, a few months later I got a job as an intern at NBC. It was really a dream come true.

Megan: I grew up in Michigan and I actually started going to school for Neuroscience, it was awful! I switched my major my sophomore year and studied communications, I have always loved to write and when I applied for the NBC internship I never ever thought that I was get it. But, here we are.

Haley: I grew up in North Carolina, I actually was always involved in theater so I applied to many schools in New York. I went to Fordham and got an internship at NBC and the rest is history I guess.

When did you decide you wanted to create a web show?

Haley: It is actually pretty funny because one day I basically blurted out that I was still a virgin and then joy started laughing and said that she was too and then Megan said “I’m a redhead”. We all laughed so hard and then thought it would be a hilarious show name.

Megan: At first we were thinking it would be the name of a good stand up group, just going out the comedy clubs and doing skits but then we thought it might be easier just to put our skits on YouTube.

Joy: None of us thought that you can just make a web show. When you watch shows on TV like 30 rock or The Office, you don’t think its possible. But, really its not that hard, we just got together wrote and filmed it.

What is the show about?

Megan: Ok, so the name of the show really doesn’t describe the show. It’s really all about our experiences in New York City or just in our lives but set in the city. It is basically just about being young adult women and trying to ‘do things’. Everyone comes to the city with a dream and we are just trying to make our dreams a reality.

Tell me about some plot lines in your stories?

Joy: So basically, our first episode was about eating pizza all day long around the city. We carried pizza boxes all around the city and then in the end we are still hungry. I known it sounds simple but we think its super funny.

Megan: I am actually working a script right now were we steal a sex doll from a sex shop. Really anything is possible on this show.

Who are some of your biggest comedy influences?

Joy: Ok how much time do you have? We can go on for days.

Haley: We really all love Broad City because this was a show that originally was a web-series and then Amy Poehler picked it up and now it’s a hit TV show. We also love 30 rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Office.

Megan: Basically, anyone and everyone from SNL! Every Sunday night is our Super bowl.

Who films the show?

Haley: We usually just see who is around, if we have a friend who is around we ask if they can film it.

Joy: We actually contact a lot of our intern friends to film and make guest appearances.

What advice do you have for anyone else who wants to make a web-show?

Haley: Just go for it, anyone can do it. Someone will find you funny, hopefully.

Joy: If we can do it, you can do it.

Megan: Yeah, what they said.

You can watch all their sketches here:


Edited by Corin Pankow

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