KPFA’s Sabrina Jacobs interviews KPFT’s Host of Politics Done Right, Egberto Willies

The host of KPFA’s A Rude Awakening Sabrina Jacobs interviewed the host of KPFT’s Politics Done Right, Egberto Willies. They discussed the Comey hearing, Reality Winner, and more.

Comey hearing, Reality Winning, and much more on KPFA

Sabrina Jacobs invited Egberto Willies to her show to continue his commentary about the Comey hearing following his appearance on Pacifica Network’s post-hearing analysis.

Jacobs asked Willies for his thoughts about the Comey hearing. He said that he believed the Left was currently involved in group think. While the president may have done wrong, in fact, possible obstruction of justice, getting him out of office may ultimately require a political act, impeachment. The reason is that it is believed as head of the executive, constitutionally the president cannot be charged by anyone else he couldn’t override.

After that discussion, Sabrina Jacobs discussed The Intercept’s journalistic malpractice as they failed to protect Reality Winner from being caught easily for her leak. Egberto Willies pointed out that he was not a fan of the rag and in fact believe that a particular journalist there tends to fit the story to the outcome he wants.

At the end of the show, Jacobs asked Willies for some final comments. Willies pointedly asked Progressives to unite even with the differences between the different factions within the Left.

Originally published at Politics Done Right.