Rep. Lauren Boebert Rivals Marjorie Taylor Greene for the Dumbest Person in Congress

Boebert is gun-obsessed, conspiratorial, dim; perfect for GOP

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is an idiot. That’s not opinion; that’s a fact. She constantly spouts half-baked ideas and makes ill-informed decisions. I’ve been tracking Boebert since 2020, before she was elected to Congress, and I’ve concluded she’s not a bright person.

And this is easily proven. For starters, Boebert has little education. Now I’m not saying that someone who doesn’t have a formal education can’t be intelligent. However, those people need to show intellectual curiosity and be able to process information. Boebert has done neither.

Boebert, who dropped out of high school, just got her GED a couple of years ago. Much like her equally deranged colleague Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.,) it’s a wonder how she ever got elected. Obviously, her constituents didn’t do any background research on her. If they had, they would have discovered that she has a track record of failing to pay fines, dodging court appearances, and run-ins with the police. And her husband is a sex offender!

More guns is the answer

Boebert is also a gun fetishist. Her solution to America’s gun problem is more guns. She’s one of those people who believe there would be fewer gun crimes if everyone was armed at all times. But as I said before, she doesn’t operate on logic.

Apart from believing in the QAnon conspiracy theory, Boebert was renowned for coming to Washington D.C. and claiming she would refuse to follow its strict gun laws. She also insisted that she was going to bring her gun into the halls of Congress.

And when the nation was going through the shocking events of Jan. 6, she tweeted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s location during the attack. On the day before the attack, she also tweeted “1776” and “Remember these next 48 hours. These are some of the most important days in American history.” It sounds as if she was aware of what was coming. A letter signed by several state and U.S. elected officials demanded Boebert and Rep. Doug Lamborn (D. Colo.) resign over their actions during the insurrection.

Boebert is also a gun fetishist. Her solution to America’s gun problem is more guns. She’s one of those people who believe that there would be fewer gun crimes if everyone was armed at all times.

The letter stated they “have betrayed the trust of Colorado voters by helping incite violence against the body you were elected to, a body designed to serve us. By endorsing the president’s unsubstantiated and repeatedly debunked, discredited, and false claims of voter fraud, you encouraged and tacitly endorsed the actions of these terrorists and threatened the basic foundation of our democracy.”

A potential co-conspirator

However, Boebert could be in serious trouble for her actions during the insurrection. She has been accused of giving tours before the attack that might have been reconnaissance. (She also has close ties to militia groups.) The FBI is currently reviewing phone records to see if there was coordination between the attackers and insiders.

Boebert and other far-right politicians, such as Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz,) should be worried. But we shouldn’t be surprised that Boebert may have used her personal phone to commit a crime. You can see she’s not too bright.

(YouTube screengrab)

Much to the dismay of some of my Twitter followers, I follow Boebert’s account. I do it to troll her and dismantle her dumb ideas. And she’s given me plenty of fodder. She recently responded to President Joe Biden stumbling on Air Force One’s stairs by saying she would hide her guns in the basement because Biden couldn’t get to them. Since he’s an old man, he couldn’t walk down the steps to get them. That was her idea at humor!

Boebert is also one of those conspiracy-addled conservatives who think the government is coming for your guns. However, she’s so in love with guns that during Zoom calls, her background is a gun shrine that featured at least three firearms. Internet commentators pointed out terrorist Osama Bin Laden had fewer guns in his study than Boebert. At least he had several books.

Fundraising on a mass shooting

Boebert has responded to America’s latest gun massacre by removing her gun shrine. But she still managed to put her foot in it during the aftermath of the Colorado shooting.

While the corpses from the latest massacre were still warm, she sent out a fundraising email that read, “I told Beto ‘HELL NO’ to taking our guns. Now we need to tell Joe Biden.”

Later she issued the obligatory thoughts and prayers message for the victims, which essentially means she won’t do anything.

In many ways, Boebert is much like the much-maligned Sarah Palin, attractive, dim and obsessed with guns. And with that background, she fits perfectly in with the GOP because she’s eye candy for the men and will say anything put in front of her since she lacks critical thinking skills.

Hopefully, now her constituents know more about her, they’ll do the right thing and vote her out of office. But even if she’s removed, she won’t go away. Her bombastic ignorance makes her perfect for AM radio.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert rips Democrat who called her out for “gun fetish” Zoom background (YouTube)

Manny Otiko writes about race, politics and sports. He has been published in Salon and LA Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @mannyotiko.

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