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One of the country’s longstanding negative sociocultural traits could be hindering its ability to recover from the pandemic

Soure: The Brazilian Report

In early January 2021, Brazil ranks second in global deaths caused by COVID-19 (196 thousand) and third in terms of confirmed infections by the Sars-CoV-2 virus (7.7 million) among all countries. This is obviously not good news. Besides the current sanitary crisis imposed to virtually all nations of the world, Brazil has been particularly affected by an economic recession (2014–2016), persistent unemployment ever since, a track record of major corruption scandals leading to a significant ethical crisis, and a notable trend of increasing polarization and divisiveness within the society, which culminated in the election of right-wing and denialist president Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. All this could be interpreted as causes for the situation in which the country finds itself today. …

Trump has brought into focus a long brewing social crisis


I was a Republican, until the 2016 convention when a petition gathered enough signatures to let delegates vote their conscience, and was promptly dismissed by a voice vote.

That was when I first became aware that the Republican party was afraid, intimidated and dominated by the Trump base. I felt the party took the traditional base of the party, which included myself, for granted, as if we were party players, guaranteed to support the party, unquestionably, no matter where it went.

Deeply rooted party obedience has been established. Many whom I once respected and are no longer recognizable. Those of us who did not follow the leaders no longer have a place in the Republican party and have largely become Independents. …

We will never forget

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2020 is a year to remember.

More than that, a year we will never forget.

We overused the word “unprecedented” in 2020, but it was on-point.

Most of us will be glad to see 2020 go, but the question is, where are we headed?

The new year looks like more of the same chaos. The election is crazy, and COVID-19 is going crazy and many of us feel like we are going crazy.

We hope that Christmas will bring some reprieve

So with Christmas near, I wanted to make a 2020 grown-up Christmas list.

So, this is my 2020 grown-up Christmas list.

Paula White is Donald Trump’s “spiritual advisor.” She is also a prosperity gospel preacher. A prosperity gospel preacher is someone who teaches that it is God’s will that everyone be healthy and wealthy. If one is not healthy and wealthy, a prosperity preacher will say that person only needs to have more faith, to “claim” or to speak aloud the blessings that they want, and to contribute financially to the prosperity gospel preacher’s “ministry” as a demonstration of that faith. …

Photo by Katja-Anna Krug on Unsplash

Classical liberalism used to be something we could all agree on, conservatives and liberals alike. But the consensus on its sacredness appears to be slipping, yielding instead to increasing attempts to problematize its precepts.

“Classical liberalism”, as it is usually taken to mean, is a useful umbrella for the championing of civil liberties, individual rights, and free and open discourse. In a nutshell, it adopts a stance of first-amendment absolutism. Weirdly, it is this pillar of the American tradition that is presently cracking.

Such “first-amendment absolutism” is not accorded the widespread confidence and moral righteousness that it once did. More and more people find something suspiciously problematic about it. More and more people are willing to enact concessions on it, and are apt to believe such concessions are improvements rather than degradations.

Why Biden Played to Not Lose

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Only 10 U.S. presidents were previously defeated in their quest for another term. Trump is the first in decades if the election result called by The Associated Press remains.

President Trump may or may not have lost the election, but the Associated Press officially called the election in favor of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is now the President elect, but the many mistakes of President Trump handed Joe the election.

President Trump was brilliant in some things and not so brilliant in others. President Trump is the most loved and simultaneously the most despised man in the world.

Many believe that President Trump handed Joe Biden thousands of votes due to his poor decisions and behavioral antics. …

I don’t need to tell you that remembrance day will feel a little bit strange this year.

1,270,000 people around the world have died from Covid-19. 50,000 in the UK. That’s a lot of families who will not just be remembering this year, but grieving too.

Thousands of people who had a secure job this time last year will be out of work, many worrying about how they’re supposed to feed their kids or pay their next energy bill.

And no-one is enjoying being told to stay at home and avoid meeting friends and family for a second time in eight months. Thousands, millions perhaps, will spend this remembrance day feeling trapped, depressed, or overwhelmed — many in cramped rooms at universities that they didn’t want to be at. …

Election day, to be sure, inspires an array of complex emotions.

The feelings at work in our anticipation may include hope, nervousness, worry, anxiety, excitement, and more.

For those of us whom Trump has sickened and who are terrified by his autocracy and unabashed and relentless cruelty, vindictiveness, and complete lack of respect for human life, the dominant emotions are a combination of hope and dread — hope that Trump will be removed, dread that he won’t be.

Elections, also, though, especially the run-up to elections with local campaigning and vetting of candidates, has been accompanied by a powerful joy I’m not sure we always identify or properly recognize. …

Donald Trump has been gutting the federal government since he took office, whether by leaving many vacant positions unfilled or simply underfunding and eliminating positions in crucial agencies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The latter efforts greatly hobbled the CDC’s ability to respond and take measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the United States and abroad.

As usual, Trump both resents and resists the knowledge the experts typically staffing these agencies bring to the table in the mission of keeping the American people informed and advising on efforts to keep the American people safe. …

Saul Loeb/AFP Washington Post

The images were jarring — it seemed like a sick joke, but it was not a joke at all. Yesterday, a full seven months after New York State opened a field hospital to treat overflow Covid-19 patients, Wisconsin opened a field hospital to treat overflow Covid-19 patients. How could this even be possible? Federal health officials were warned of the threat of a global pandemic as early as New Year’s Eve 2019. The first cases were identified in late February and early March. …

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