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White nationalism makes strange bedfellows

From left, former President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr)

Ialways thought Stephen Miller, the immigrant-hating offspring of Jewish refugees, was the only Jew who socialized with neo-Nazis. But it turns out he’s not alone.

You would think that Jews and neo-Nazis would be natural enemies, like snakes and mongooses, or Black people and the police. Attempting to exterminate a race tends to make permanent enemies. And even though the Holocaust happened almost 80 years ago, neo-Nazi views are still with us, and they still contain a large element of anti-Semitism.

The delusional QAnon conspiracy theory is recycled anti-Semitic slurs. Elites drinking blood? That’s been around for hundreds of years…

Meet the new Big Tech lobbying group, the Chamber of Progress

Photo: Marco Verch | CC-BY-2.0

Adam Kovacevich, formerly Google’s head of policy and external affairs, has launched a new lobbying group called the Chamber of Progress. The group’s advisory board includes a number of Washington and Big Tech insiders, and their list of “corporate partners” contains essentially all of the big names from social media and the gig economy.

According to Axios, Kovacevich “describes the group as a ‘new tech industry coalition devoted to a progressive society, economy, workforce, and consumer climate.’” This comes across as incredibly disingenuous considering the recent actions of many of their “corporate partners.” Perhaps the most spectacular example is Amazon’s…

GOP won’t bail on Gaetz until he’s indicted

Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

2021 may have already gotten its juiciest political scandal. It involves Rep Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.,) underage sex, prostitution and drugs. However, the scandal is so fast-moving, there may be new revelations by the end of the day.

The scandal has also taught political watchers several lessons about both political parties.

Here are a few of them:

Republicans don’t give a damn about family values

The whole family values thing has been a running joke in the Republican Party for a long time. This line should have been sunk when Donald Trump, a thrice-married libertine whose wife did girl-on-girl porn, was named as the 2016 presidential candidate.

And to…

From Tyler Merber on Wikimedia

And I was nowhere near the Capitol.

2021 had the makings of a good year. Four days into it, I had moved into a new home and finally set up my office the way I wanted it. I’d just published an essay on Medium that I was moderately satisfied with. That evening I was walking through my new neighborhood, thinking about what I might write next. It seemed to me that there was a threat that someone would try to threaten the upcoming vote certification, and I started wondering how the security services might have to respond. I’ll admit that’s a little odd, but I come by…

“But other than that, Happy Easter!”

Source: BBC

After being effectively banned from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in the wake of the January 6th riots at the Capitol Building, I’m sure there is no one who likes former President Donald Trump being cut off from his favorite tool of communication with the public less than Donald Trump himself. After all, social media platforms were his tool of choice to bypass the media, and foster his own narrative while garnering the attention and approval from loyal supporters he has spent arguably his entire life craving. …

How could a serial loan defaulter ever be a ‘good businessman?’

Trump supporters (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

If I read another article about people who voted for ex-President Donald Trump because he was “a good businessman,” I’m going to scream. I just read another such report in The New York Times that claimed Trump scored more Latino voters than expected because of his z”business expertise.” “In focus groups, Equis Labs’ interviewers noticed that Mr. Trump’s history as a businessman was seen as a positive attribute by many Latino voters, who viewed him as well positioned to guide the economy through the pandemic-driven recession. Partly as a result, the analysis found, many conservative Latino voters who had been…

Has the pressure been working?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As some of my critical readers have pointed out, I sometimes sound like a broken record when it comes to my thoughts on Joe Biden, and his handling of issues such as the $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, his approach to dealing with Republicans and of course, the cancellation of student loan debt. Considering these are some of the topics I care about the most, naturally I’m going to be following and discussing the developments surrounding them. That said, recent reports seem to indicate that the President is at least appearing to shift his position on using his executive…

Gaetz scandal includes underage sex, orgies, drugs

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

When I heard that Rep Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) was involved in a sex scandal, the first thing I asked was, “With a woman?” For people like me, who study the news in-depth and read between the lines, it was just a matter of time before Gaetz was ensnared in a sex scandal. After all, he currently lives with 19-year-old Nestor Galbán, who he claims is his son, but has no adoption papers. Also, Gaetz’s “son” has lived with him since he was 12 and has been presented as an “intern” and “page.” He announced he was his son last year…

Reports indicate that while the Governor was pitching a multi-million dollar book deal about how he well he handled Covid, his administration was manipulating data.


In recent weeks, it’s difficult to imagine how things could possibly get any worse for New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. Well apparently, it can. After reports that his administration lied about the death toll coming from nursing homes after he mandated they accepted still sick patients, and nine women have come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct, the Governor is scrambling to salvage his career and avoid further pressure to resign. While Cuomo might have hoped that the legalization of marijuana in the state would taper some of the bad press he’s been getting on a consistent basis for weeks…

I won’t get my hopes up, but early emerging details from the plan are better than I would have expected.

Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

As I and many others have noted in the past, before he was even sworn into office Joe Biden was expressing his desire to have a longstanding legacy as President, akin to someone like Roosevelt who shaped the nation for decades to come. While we’ve long been arguing that such a legacy would require bold, necessary action that was sufficient to meet this critical moment in American history, there have been a number of reasons to be skeptical about Biden’s willingness to go in that direction. After all, Biden’s administration made the infuriating decision that they were going to abandon…

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