Cutting through the headlines. Demystifying the future. Creating sensible policy.
Photo by Gilbert Mercier/Flickr

It’s not surprising that Floyd Ray Roseberry is the latest angry white man to inflict his pain on the American public. We’re currently witnessing a surge in Trump-inspired Terrorism in the United States (TITUS.) Roseberry briefly brought Washington DC to a halt when he threatened to blow up what he…

Viktor Orban (European Parliament/Flickr)

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that FOX News’ no. 1 neo-Nazi Tucker Carlson recently broadcast a show from Hungary. After all, Hungary is leaning toward fascism under the rule of strongman Viktor Orban. Under Orban, Hungary is an “illiberal democracy.” This means essentially one-party rule, an impartial judiciary and state-controlled media…

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson called Jan. 6 “just another day. “(Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

It’s pretty easy to peg people’s political views from the media they consume. For example, I was watching a report on Vice News about election workers facing death threats. A Vice News reporter actually tracked down some numbers and called people making the threats.

During one interview, a caller said…

Photo by Chad Miller/Flickr

A core part of the twisted political ideology known as Trumpism is reality denial. Former President Donald Trump told 30,000 lies in his time as president. One of the core parts of this strategy was getting his followers to believe his version of the truth. There was no wrong or…

Photo by Tyler Merbler/Wikipedia

Dear Trumpists. Please remember the name, Robert Scott Palmer. Palmer was one of the army of Trump terrorists who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6. Unfortunately, he has the unique reputation of receiving the longest sentence of all the people prosecuted.

A judge recently sentenced Palmer to five years in…

Recent revelations show FOX News’ Laura Ingraham has been lying about Jan. 6. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

I listened with rapt attention on Tuesday night as the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack revealed more information about former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ communication with Fox News Channel (FNC) employees.

It’s been almost a year since images of deranged Trump cultists attacking the Capitol…

Politics: Fast and Slow

Cutting through the headlines. Demystifying the future. Creating sensible policy.

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