Has anyone watched “Reagan”? It is an HBO program unveiling the “Reagan” years and the bullshit that went on. Most of us who paid attention actually knew this already, but with the “Freedom of Information” act, the bullshit has been brought to the light.

DEFINITION of ‘Reaganomics’ A popular term used to refer to the economic policies of Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S. President (1981–1989), which called for widespread tax cuts, decreased social spending, increased military spending, and the deregulation of domestic markets.

The deregulation that took place under Reagan and continued through every administration since was the sole reason for the end of the Middle Class in America. Reagan believed totally in deregulating everything and letting corporations and big businesses just run rampant without having to comply with any of the laws that helped keep the Middle Class the Middle Class.

Having lived the Reagan years and having been part of the Middle Class before those years, I didn’t need this program to tell me this. I moved into the poverty level of Americans during his administration due to his policies. I watched mom and pop farms foreclosed on while others resorted to growing marijuana in order to try to survive. His “Just say no” policy towards marijuana and drugs was laughable considering the Contras, Cocaine and Covert operation under his administration.

Now, my personal economical condition improved under the Clinton administration as did that of so many others around me, which I attribute to his ability to understand the common man and work with Congress to get things done. I didn’t agree with a lot of his policies, but he did offer a feeling of hope. His personal life was scrutinized like no President before him. He met with many obstacles but was able to keep his eye on the message of bringing hope to the average working American. While working with Congress and improving the condition of the Middle Class, all others were also affected positively.

Deregulation has continued through every presidency since Reagan and reached its pinnacle during the second Bush administration.

We have to make “grass-roots” changes in this country to bring the sanity back to our government. We have to get away from the two-party system and get back to a democratic system. Anyone and everyone who wants the job of President should be allowed to run. The requirements for President are: Born Citizen of the US and 35 years of age. Those are the requirements. If you have heart and good leadership skills, you can become an amazing President. The rest is “On the job” training. The President cannot serve Americans when he has to answer to the big money that got him there. We’ve got to do away with PACs and Citizens United. We have to get back to requiring free television time for any and all candidates to debate the issues. This can be done using PBS for all debates.

Nothing will change until we become a democratically elected Congress with term limitations and benefits that end when the job does. Those running must be doing so because they have a real desire to serve their fellow Americans, not because they want their fellow Americans to support them the rest of their lives and while being in the pockets of big Corporations.
Sorry I have gotten off on a rant here.
There is just not much a President can do with the exception of an Executive Order or veto, whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or whatever the affiliation, as long as he has to deal with selfish, self serving brats voting themselves raises, making laws that affect everyone but themselves and continue to get paid with full insurance coverage when they have been fired (voted out). They just will not vote against their own best interest. We need to make sure they have less “best interest”.
We need an amendment to repeal much of the power Congress has. How do we get that? Movements against the status quo! That’s how!

Kathryn Sue Smith, wife, mother, artist (, photographer, activist and occasional writer

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