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Written by Jerry McMiller, JOURNALIST; Ishaan Patel, SENIOR JOURNALIST

London, BUK • On February 27th, a political party called New People’s Party would make their comeback in Hong Kong politics. Politicus interviewed the chairwoman and mastermind behind the party, Mrs. Charlotte Margrathe.

Ishaan Patel: Good evening Ms. Margrathe. Thank you for accepting our request for an interview!

Ms. Margrathe: Of course, it’s my pleasure. Though I am a VERY busy woman, I adore reading Politicus, so I don’t mind.

Questions about the New People’s Party Policy:

Jerry McMiller: What is the main focuses of the «New People’s Party»?

Ms. Margrathe: My main focus is to bring conservative values that other parties do not go into detail about. We want to eliminate bureacracy to create an overall freemarket in Hong Kong, a tax haven for those willing to put their businesses here. A free market, free country, and the ability to easily get things done around here. We also account for legislation most don’t think off.

Jerry McMiller: How does the «New People’s Party» plan on eliminate bureacracy?

Ms. Margrathe: We plan to do this by eliminating unnecessary filing of paperwork that just doesn’t add to anything, making new business owners not only less likely to register, but to also promote and inspire them to create a long-term business that prospers. We will have small mandatory application processes, but other then that, most will be optional.

Jerry McMiller: How does the «New People’s Party» plan on making Hong Kong a tax haven without making a negative impact on the economy?

Ms. Margrathe: We won’t take much if at all from individual companies, seeing as the government has no use for funding at this time. We really do not want to impose any regulation that is unnecessary for companies simply seeking to make a profit.

Opinionated questions:

Ishaan Patel: You’ve failed to be reelected to the legislative council twice now, once in the February elections and secondly in the Kowloon by-election. However, in the Kowloon by-election your party saw a swing of +12%, do you see that 22.2% earned in the by-election as a sign that people want change from the 2 parties in the LegCo?

Ms. Margrathe: Well, given the fact I actually forgot to vote this by-election, I am sure my recent activity and involvement as well as campaigning might’ve gotten around, and that people are interested in seeing other options as well. We may not have any seats, but, by the next election, I can assure you we will take up some seats.

Ishaan Patel: In today’s sitting of the LegCo, Governor Galloway announced he intends to lower the amount of seats from 7 to 5. His reasoning for this is because of inactive members of the legislative council who fail to be present at sessions, meanwhile his intention as to how those seats will work is confidential as of right now, but what are your thoughts and would you support this decision?

Ms. Margrathe: In the long term, most definitely. Though this will affect parties, there will only be a top 4–5 that the people really are interested in, and if they cannot afford to attend and promote theirself, I don’t see why not. Usually, most would oppose this if they were in my situation with no seats to their party name, but in time, with aggressive cut-throat campaigning and more, I can definitely see the NPP (New People’s Party) taking up a portion of those seats.

Ishaan Patel: With the emergence of Canada as a crown dependency, does your party believe Hong Kong should maintain relations with fellow territories?

Ms. Margrathe: I believe for us to succeed as a crown dependency, we should have fairly good relations with ALL countries, whether or not they are under the Crown. I believe we should also remain neutral, and have overall good relationships whatever it may be.

Jerry McMiller & Ishaan Patel: Thank you, Ms Margrathe.

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