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April in Retrospect

A week into the new month is a good time to look back. April was a very busy month for us! Here is a recap of what we have done last month and a little glimpse into what we are working on in May.

IDO on Polkastarter

The 16th of April marked one of the most anticipated events for our early supporters — Community Round of Polkadex Token Generation Event on Polkastarter and listing on Uniswap.

IEO on KuCoin

We didn’t stop here and did the Initial Exchange Offering becoming the 9th Spotlight project on KuCoin, the 5th largest centralised crypto exchange. Users of the CEX had an exclusive opportunity to join the community of our early supporters. KuCoin also hosted a trading competition for PDEX token holders.

New Website Design

One of our main goals is to become a go-to platform for users with any knowledge of crypto: from professional traders to crypto newbies. That is why we are putting a lot of emphasis on user experience. Our website had a refresh to become its most transparent and easy-to-navigate version.

Events: Polkadot Buildathon India

Our CEO, Gautham J, spoke at the India-focused hackathon event for the Polkadot ecosystem. We are proud to help developers learn how to build a blockchain and provide opportunities to join a talented global community! You can watch the replay here.

Events: Diffusion Digital

Deepansh Singh, our COO, gave an introduction to Polkadex at the Diffusion Digital event hosted by Outlier Ventures. You can watch the replay here.

Cointelegraph article

Cointelegraph started a really interesting topic of challenges faced by DEXes: high costs and transactions prioritized by gas fees. Does it really need to be this difficult and how does Polkadex change the DeFi scene?

Explaining Polkadex

We are receiving so much interest in different aspects of the Polkadex project that we started a series of articles expanding on frequently asked questions from our community. Topics discussed in April were Tokenomics and Why we chose Polkadot?

AMAs & Community growth

April was all about AMAs! First of all, we kicked off the internal AMAs in our Telegram Chat channel that will take place every 2 weeks. We also had a couple of external AMAs in audio with VirtualBacon and in text with Polkastarter. The Polkadex community is getting stronger with each day! In April our Twitter following increased to over 37K and both Telegram Announcements and Telegram Chat were joined by over 18K community members.

Polkadex supports India

We could not stay away and wanted to support India in its fight against the new wave of the virus. Our donation of 11,00,000 INR (equivalent to $15 000) will go to Cryptorelief, a community-run fund delivering help during the Covid crisis in India. The sum will be used to provide oxygen cylinders, food and medical supplies to local people in need. More details in this article.

That’s a wrap for April highlights!

Our key plans for May are to:

Other exciting things are in the pipeline, so stay tuned through our community & social media channels!

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