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Community Partnership with Polkamon: Giveaway of Special Polkadex NFTs & $10 000 in PDEX

We have some very exciting news coming up for our community! Polkadex is the first project to partner with Polkamon for their new Community Booster program. Together we have created a special NFT called Polkadex Unikle.

Make sure to read this article until the end. You’ll find out how you can win 1 of 5 Polkadex Unikles on the AMA & Twitter giveaways. If you’re not up for participating, there will also be a limited number of Unikles available in Polkamon Booster packs.

With each Unikle you’ll get the opportunity to claim your share of the $10 000 PDEX pool that will be equal to $400–500 in PDEX per participant.

Polkamon is using blockchain technology to create exquisitely animated digital collectibles. Each Polkamon is backed by a truly unique NFT that can be unpacked with $PMON tokens, the native ERC-20 & BEP-20 token on the Polkamon platform. Each collectible is inimitable, authentic and differs in rarity. The Polkamon NFT collection can easily be integrated into modern games, art and other blockchain connected products.

We chose Polkamon not only because we are in the same Polkadot ecosystem, but also because our vision is similar. The main focus of both our teams is to deliver high-quality products that anyone can use. We also have very active communities and thought that we should give them the opportunity to engage with both projects in a fun way.

There are several opportunities for you to obtain those precious and cute Polkadex Unikles.

Polkadex x Polkamon AMA

First of all, we’re going to have an AMA with the Polkamon team in the Polkamon Telegram channel this Tuesday, 25th of May, at 2 pm UTC. This allows us to discuss Polkadex project with Polkamon fans and you, as a part of our community, to learn more about Polkamon as well as…get a chance to win one of 2 rare Polkadex Unikles. The author of the best question wins, so get your smartest questions ready!

Twitter Competition

Stakes are higher for Twitter - we will give away 3 Polkadex Unikles. Twitter contest will run from 2 pm UTC on May 25th until 4 pm UTC on May 27th. You can find the details of the competition in this post on our Twitter channel.

We know you want a little sneak peek to have an advantage! In a nutshell, to win one of the Unikles you will have to create the video, image or meme celebrating our partnership with Polkamon, post it on your Twitter account and complete a couple of actions. The winners will be announced two days after the contest ends, on May 29th.

Special Edition Polkadex Unikles

What if you’re not up for giveaways but really want to own the first rare Polkadex NFT? Good news- Polkadex Unikles will be available as a rare drop in all Booster Packs for 48 hours starting from 4 pm UTC on Tuesday, May 25th. There will be a maximum of 20 Polkadex Unikles available.

With each Polkadex Unikle you’ll get a chance to share the pool of $10 000 in PDEX tokens. The tokens will be locked in the pool for 30 days, starting from the 25th May at 4:00 PM UTC. As there will be only between 20 and 25 Polkadex Unikles, your share will come to equivalent of $400–500 in PDEX. After 30 days, every person holding a Polkadex Unikle will be able to claim a share of the token pool.

Polkadex Unikles will be slightly modified after you use it to claim tokens from the pool. This means you will be able to tell whether the Unikle you’re buying or holding has the added value and can still be used to claim PDEX tokens.

Surrounded by the DeFi landscape, the Polkadex Unikles shows us a secure way for high-frequency trading. It presents itself graceful and sublime, while its mane and badges are lighting up the darkness of the night.

After 48 hours, there will be no more Polkadex Unikles left to claim, meaning your only option will be to buy one on OpenSea marketplace.

Get ready with your best questions and most creative announcements for giveaway or PMON tokens for rare drop. Good luck as the action starts tomorrow 😉

Make sure to follow our official resources and stay tuned for more exciting news:

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