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Highlights of July at Polkadex

Another month has flown by! Let’s recap what we achieved at Polkadex in July.

In July we continued moving along with the Testnet V3.0 development. Currently, we have the ready-to-go code and demoed UI for Orderbook, Mobile App (+AMA) and PolkaIDO launchpad (+AMA). Our next steps will be connecting the backend code to the front end to eventually open the Testnet to beta-testers and general public.

July has been really eventful in the crypto world, especially, in light of the possible upcoming regulations that will affect both centralized & decentralized exchanges. As we addressed some of the future regulatory bottlenecks in Polkadex’s product design, we grabbed the attention of the media and influencers this month. Polkadex was featured in 30+ digital publications in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese in July! Some of our favourites are: Can these blockchain solutions replace traditional banking? by IBTimes, Rise of Decentralized Exchanges by Entrepreneur and DeFi to the Masses by IHodl and Decentralized KYC as the ultimate way for Polkadex to stay afloat with upcoming regulations by BTCManager.

YouTubers have also shown us some love this month. Polkadex was featured & mentioned in 30+ videos in different languages. Some of our favourites are: AltcoinBuzz review, interview with Hashoshi, mention on Crypto Banter show and project overview by Crypto Renegade.

As always we keep adding partners to our ecosystem and this month we partnered with Unpeeld. The team created a very detailed report about Polkadex and we ran a Twitter giveaway in celebration of it. We received an astonishing number of participants — over 2 400 (!!!) accounts made a retweet. We got the hint from you and will host more competitions soon.

This month we had our longest Telegram AMA ever to go through some of the most frequent questions from the community and also kept our regular Crowdcast AMAs to accompany product demo sessions. We understand that Polkadex is a very complicated project and you, as a member of our community, might have a lot of questions. Hence, we are staying very transparent and active across our social media.

This month we also kickstarted the Top Polkadexers program and have already chosen 2 sets of winners!

Our community keeps growing! This month we added 6% more followers on Twitter, 30% more subscribers on YouTube, 18% more Redditors, 60% more Discord users and 13.5% more token holders.

Continuing to explain Polkadex one article at a time in July we published: Polkadex 101 for anyone who is new to Polkadex and needs all the info in one place, Deep dive into Polkadex Orderbook, PDEX token migration from ERC-20 to Substrate and the AMA recap.

That’s a wrap for July! In August our focus is on:

⚫️ Releasing the Testnet V3.0 for beta-testers and public

⚫️ Explaining the Mainnet rollout in details

⚫️ New partnerships

Follow our official accounts to see what we are up to:

Website| Twitter| TG Chat| TG Announcements| Medium| Youtube|Reddit | Discord|Linkedin



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