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Important details about Polkadex IDO & IEO, 16th of April: Whitelist winners, Timelines and Guidance

Tomorrow, the 16th of April is a big day for the Polkadex team and community. We are launching on the market with both Initial DEX Offering on Polkastarter and Initial Exchange Offering on KuCoin💥

Official PDEX launch schedule

⚫️ 00:00 am UTC — Time for participation at the token sale on KuCoin exchange runs out
⚫️ 08.30 am UTC — Start of the Token distribution in Spotlight Event on KuCoin exchange
⚫️ 12:00 pm UTC — Polkastarter IDO
⚫️ 12:30 pm UTC — Start of trading for PDEX on KuCoin exchange
⚫️ 12:35 pm UTC — PDEX token listing on Uniswap
⚫️ 13:00 pm UTC — Unlock of PDEX tokens on Polkastarter

⚫️ 06:00 am UTC — KuCoin Spotlight Event participants can withdraw PDEX tokens

Polkastarter IDO details & guide

⚪️ Polkastarter whitelist winners: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1clhsIBaDJ-GrZyF9xZ7iNhrB5FztQr_v3HVEMCGEEU8/edit?usp=sharing
⚪️ Max Contribution Cap: $300
⚪️ Polkastarter contribution guide: https://support.polkastarter.com/article/6-how-to-participate-in-a-standard-pool-and-claim-your-tokens

There will be two pools of $125,000 worth of PDEX each. $125,000 for whitelisted POLS holders and $125,000 for whitelisted non-POLS holders. All whitelisted addresses are required to complete KYC.
Fixed Price of $2 per PDEX for both pools.

Our Whitelist for the Polkastarter lottery was closed at the beginning of the week, but there is still some time to get into KuCoin & PDEX Spotlight event. You can find all the details on KuCoin’s official website.

Polkadex team members will NEVER DM you first on any platform.There are multiple fake $PDEX tokens on Uniswap. Do NOT attempt to search and buy PDEX token before an official listing announcement.


⚫️ Listing price: $2 per PDEX
⚫️ IDO is First Come First Serve until $250K reached
⚫️ Polkastarter contribution guide
⚫️ Official PDEX token contract address: 0xF59ae934f6fe444afC309586cC60a84a0F89Aaea

We can’t wait for tomorrow! 🤩

Join our community and our social media pages to be the first ones to know about our upcoming events:

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For additional information:

KuCoin and Polkastarter



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