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May Highlights from Polkadex

We’ve been up to some really good stuff in May! Let’s recap what we managed to accomplish this month.

This one was definitely a star of the month for the Polkadex team. Why? Polkadot Decoded is the most important event for projects in the ecosystem and one of the biggest events of the year in the blockchain industry in general. Polkadex was chosen among 40 speakers (out of 400+ projects in the Polkadot ecosystem). It is a real honour and testament to the quality & progress of our team’s work, as Polkadex has been in the works for only over half a year now. You can watch the recording where Gautham J, Polkadex CEO, explains how Polkadex will offer feeless swaps and high-frequency trading on an orderbook DEX.

Our tech stack is very sophisticated and requires a good technical background to understand. However, the Polkadex platform is for everyone — crypto newbies, professional traders, institutions, you name it. That is why we put a lot of effort into providing explanations for what, how and why we do things. The Docs section on our website had a complete makeover this month. Now you can find the most up-to-date information in one place. We will add more information following our product development.

In May, the Polkadex community had a chance to stake PDEX on KuCoin’s Pool-X platform and vote for listing on Gate.io exchange. Both were a great success! Staking pool was filled in 3 hours and the astonishing 25 mln + votes were reached in only a couple of hours.

This month we announced a technical integration with Supercomputing Systems, a swiss company with 25 years of experience in electronics, software and system design. Together we are developing SubstraTEE, a TEE-inspired Layer 2 technology on Substrate.io. Polkadex will be the first DEX that leverages SubstraTEE power to improve the decentralized trading experience while keeping the highest level of distributed security.

We are very happy that Polkadex is getting more attention and we can bring our vision to the spotlight. In May Vivek Prasannan, Executive Director of Polkadex, was invited to the interviews with Morning Invest and KryptosChain to talk about Polkadex in details.

We are trying to cover the most frequently asked questions in depth in articles on our Medium channel. This month we made an overview of our development roadmap from Testnet V1.0 to Mainnet.

We are more and more active in social media and our community on different platforms keeps growing. Important milestones this month — official Polkadex channel on Reddit, 40K + followers on Twitter and new videos on YouTube. If you don’t follow our pages, now is a good time to start.

That’s a wrap for May highlights! Our key plans for June are to:

  • Finalise development and launch beta version of the Testnet V3.0
  • Explain how and why Polkadex will decentralise KYC
  • Show you some demos of Testnet products

Other exciting things are in the pipeline, so stay tuned through our community & social media channels!

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