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Polkadex Testnet: Events Schedule

We want to share with you some really exciting news today! We have been building our product over the past months and have already released 2 versions of the Polkadex Orderbook Testnet previously.

We are ready to share the dates for Testtnet V3.0 with you. We decided to do the rollout gradually because we are releasing a lot of different features in the Testnet v3.0.

The dates below are not hard set. We allow some extra time to fix bugs in case they pop up. However, if everything goes according to plan, we may release earlier. Check back with our official social media resources for exact dates.

Week starting June 7th — Babe- Grandpa + Chainbridge: Generic ERC-20

This will be a demo of how tokens on the Ethereum network can be moved to the Polkadex blockchain. It will be tested in the Rinkeby testnet of the Ethereum network where users will be able to discover how to move test tokens in Rinkeby testnet to Polkadex testnet. In the final product, any ERC-20 token can be bridged to the Polkadex network.

Week starting June 28th — ERC-20 PDEX to native PDEX One-way Migration

Currently, roughly 2 mln PDEX tokens are in their ERC-20 stage, later on, we will move all the tokens to our native blockchain. Here we will show the demo of how the transfer from Ethereum network to Polkadex network will be done. It will be a one-way bridge.

Week starting July 5th— Orderbook Launch — POC for 1 Trading Pair — Testnet Token Faucet

This is one of the star events for Polkadex — the launch of the Polkadex Orderbook in the final Testnet version. We will start with showcasing the interface of Polkadex Orderbook, then give access to the beta-testers and later on, the Testnet will be open to the public. Users will be able to try out the platform with simulation trading and Testnet tokens. We will release more details on how to get the tokens for Testnet later on. APIs for interacting with the Orderbook will be supplied.

Week starting July 19th — Polkadex IDO Platform

Another exciting step — demo of the Polkadex IDO platform. Here again we will start with the interface demo. Users will be able to create tokens and try to do the simulation of the IDO later on.

Week starting August 2nd— Polkadex Trading Bot Deployment

Polkadex will support the community’s favourite trading bots. In August, we’ll do the demo of how trading bots are going to work on the platform. Later on, users will be able to place test orders using a Vanilla trading bot we will be shipping along with the product.

Week starting August 16th— Orderbook Emergency Shutdown Using Off-chain Worker: Live Demo

Security is one of the cornerstones of Polkadex, hence, we need to demonstrate the emergency shutdown feature. It is going to be activated in case the platform is hacked and is similar for the user to the insurance/SAFU features of centralized exchanges.

Week starting August 23rd— Dynamic Staking and Feeless Swaps in Polkapool

Here you can see (and test later on) multiple bonding curves to create a Uniswap-like pool of your choice and use governance to make it feeless.

First week of September/Third week of September — Parachain on Rococo

As the first implementation of the parachain strategy, we will deploy our testnet on Rococo in September.

Week starting September 20th — Mobile App Beta Release for Selected Brand Ambassadors

As great UX is an important part of Polkadex we aim to show you the app interface in the Testnet version.

Mainnet will be available in or before the end of September. The features & products will also be rolled out in a series of scheduled releases. Please, stay tuned for the full schedule and explanation of the events.

Make sure to follow our official social media channels and ask any questions:

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