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Polkadex Testnet: How to run a validator node

Start running your own validator node on the Polkadex Testnet!

Who are validators?

In Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, validators are in charge of verifying transactions as they are broadcast to the network. They maintain system efficiency, participate in voting and form new blocks in the blockchain.

What about staking?

Polkadex will run on a nominated Proof of Stake (nPOS) consensus, which will allow anybody in the network — not just validators — to stake their PDEX and secure the network. Stakers will be able to ‘nominate’ validators.

Who can be a validator?

Anybody! Polkadex is a decentralized public chain, which means anybody who chooses to can become a validator of the chain. However, running a validator node might require more advanced technical knowledge and hardware. In fact, hardware requirements will probably increase as Polkadex matures. Therefore, while validating is open to anyone, some community members may find it easier than others to do so.

How to run a validator node

Here is the detailed guide. If you have any questions, ask the Polkadex community and devs through our official social media channels. If your questions or comments are validator-specific, you may find the Polkadex Discord server’s validator channel helpful.

Claim Test Tokens

In order to become a validator on the Polkadex Testnet, you will need some Test Tokens. The Polkadex team has designed a Twitter bot that will serve as a Test Token ‘faucet’ for this phase of the Testnet. To claim Test Tokens, copy and paste the text below into a tweet, paste your account/wallet address where it says [ACCOUNT], and post it. Soon after, you’ll receive Test Tokens to start playing around with.

👋 Hey @polkadex it's [ACCOUNT] here, please give me some #PolkadexTestTokens! 📲

Testnet means Testnet

As the name may suggest, the Testnet involves testing. In other words, the Testnet is not production-ready, and is still a work-in-progress simulation environment that is ‘meant to break.’ As such, the Polkadex team may shut down or wipe the chain without notice. A reset of the Testnet chain means that your Test Token balance will go back to zero and you will need to claim Test Tokens again by following the Twitter faucet bot instructions detailed above. However, you will also have to create a new account/wallet address, as the faucet bot is only set up to fund each address once.

Ready to start validating the Polkadex Testnet?

Happy testing!

Follow Polkadex’s official accounts to join the community, share your feedback, be the first to hear about updates, and stay in touch with the team:

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