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Polkadex Testnet Phases & Timeline

Different components of Polkadex will be rolled out to the Testnet before the Mainnet release. Find out all the relevant terms and the schedule of events for the next few weeks from this article.

Last week, the Polkadex team released Polkadex Mainnet Launch 101, a comprehensive article with helpful information about the upcoming launch of the Polkadex network Mainnet and the sequence of roll-outs of the components that make up the whole Mainnet of Polkadex.

While the Mainnet Launch article mentioned the Testnet and its similar gradual roll-out, we think the Polkadex Testnet is so integral to the future success of the project that it needs its own explainer article.

What is Testnet?

The ‘Testnet’ is a version of the Polkadex network that contains simulation or fake assets and exists as a testing and experimentation space that does not put the Mainnet at risk. It basically lets anybody play within the Polkadex network without risking their funds or any of the network’s components.

Beta vs public Testnet

Different versions of the Testnet have already been public on the Polkadex Github for some time now. However, these versions have been code-only and have lacked the user interface (UI) element. For this reason, the beta testing program has not taken place yet.

In the previous article, we mentioned how Polkadex is split into separate components that come together on top of the Polkadex network. These separate components are scheduled to be launched onto the Polkadex network gradually, one after another. In a similar way, each component will first be launched onto the UI-integrated Testnet then released to beta-testers. Finally, after successful testing by beta-testers and bug-squashing from Polkadex developers, each component will be rolled out to the public Testnet for anyone to get their hands on. This process will be the same, component-by-component, starting with PolkaIDO.

Differences between backend and frontend

Backend and frontend elements are being developed separately by different engineering teams within the Polkadex team. The backend is the main operational layer of each component, while the frontend is composed of what users actually see and interact with when they use the platform. While a lot of the backend code has already been completed, the frontend UI design work necessary for a fully UI-integrated Testnet has been a bit slower. Since we want the Testnet to feel as much like the real product as possible, we are committed to rolling out a finished UI with every public Testnet update.

Beta testing

As mentioned above, a select group of beta testers will have early access to each Testnet release. Around 50 beta testers have been hand-picked from hundreds of applicants for their unique perspective, attention to detail, and support for the project. The size of the group is intended to foster close communications between the beta testers and the developer team and enable transparent feedback. The selected group includes seasoned crypto users and traders, engineers, and DeFi veterans.

Beta testing members and details will be announced soon. Beta-testers will have at least one week of early access to all Testnet releases before they are made public. If bugs are found, the public Testnet update will be released as soon as the bugs are fixed.

Roll-out schedule

As our devs get closer and closer to the final stretch, the picture gets clearer and clearer. As of right now, while exact dates are unavailable, Polkadex is scheduled to roll-out its Tesnet feature-by-feature starting this month (August 2021). This release schedule ensures that our developers are able to find and correct any issues with the code before any component goes live on Mainnet. The rough schedule of the roll-outs is below:


  • Public Testnet for Polkadex blockchain (expect the step-by-step guide next week)
  • PolkaIDO for beta testers (expect more information & to be contacted if you are chosen as a beta-tester next week)

After that features will be released in the following sequence:

  • PolkaIDO release to the public Testnet
  • Polkapool for beta testers
  • Mainnet (balance transfers, token vesting, PDEX migration, PDEX staking)
  • Polkapool release to the public Testnet
  • Polkadex Orderbook for beta testers
  • Polkadex Orderbook release to the public Testnet

Testnet into the future

It is important to highlight the long-term importance of the Polkadex Testnet as a staging ground for any updates to the network. Not only will the Testnet be the first place where PolkaIDO, Polkapool, and Polkadex Orderbook will be launched, it will also be the first place of launch for any and all future products and updates deployed on the Polkadex network. For this reason, the Testnet will be running forever in parallel with the Polkadex Mainnet. In this way, users can try out different features in a simulation phase before actually using real tokens on the Polkadex platforn. As Polkadex grows, having a simulation environment to verify and stress-test the code before it is shipped out to the Mainnet will only become more and more vital.

As you can see, there are a lot of updates coming to Polkadex in the near future!

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