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Understanding Polkadex: Polkadex 101

What is Polkadex? What problems of modern traders and investors does it solve? How does it differ from existing CEXes and DEXes? How does Polkadex work? What is PDEX? The answers to all your questions are in this article!

So first things first: What is Polkadex?

Polkadex’s Products

Polkadex Orderbook & Polkapool

Security of user funds with a CEX-like convenience

Bots, HFT, fiat on-ramp and other features

Advantages over DEXes

Polkadex Launchpad

How does Polkadex make it all work?

Technology stack

Decentralized KYC

Polkadex Tokenomics

Polkadex Team and Background

What’s next for Polkadex?

Become a Polkadexer



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